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25th-Nov-2015 05:54 pm - Birthday Blaze
Who: Sonic, Blaze, Marine, Rouge, Knux, Wave, aaaand others.
What: Surprise! It's Blaze's birthday.
Where: Various places.
When: Nov. 15th
Warnings: Mild language, light petting, birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday, Blaze!"

Sonic produced the roses he'd "rescued" from the shattered greenhouse almost immediately upon her opening the door to her room, sporting a huge grin along with them. Maybe one or two of the blossoms were bruised, but all in all they're looking better than his bouquets of the past.
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27th-Oct-2015 11:24 pm - Cyrus summons a lovely family reunion
Who: Cyrus, Mesprit, and... her siblings!? Gasp!
What: Cyrus has Mesprit call to her brothers so he can snatch them up and do that Red Chain thing again.
Where: Cyrus' evil lair of good intentions laboratory with his extraction machine
When: Oct. 22nd
Warnings: C for Cyrus trying to cleanse the universe of shit by draining power from pokémon of feelings and mind and stuff. Bad things are bound to happen.

With the moon's impact on the planet looming, Mesprit had been quite anxious. She was afraid for the world and hadn't been this scared since... well, she couldn't remember, but she knew something bad had happened before. She missed her siblings, her family,... she wasn't sure what to do to make things better. But she'd had a volley of exchanges with Mister Man/Cyrus that hinted at resolution, so she did as he had asked: while she couldn't send out direct distress calls to her brothers, she could send a low-lying S.O.S. to other Psychic types and hope they reached them both. If Arceus heard it and came, too, naturally it would have been a nice surprise, but she knew it would be highly unlikely.

She sat on a mound of what used to be bricks forming her dorm room. With her best efforts, she lowered her head almost prayer-like, voicelessly emitting a slow, urgent feeling of fear and concern for one's siblings--a feeling only one of blood relation or high sensitivity to emotion would sense. Along with her feelings, she attempted to transmit an image of her broken school as an indication of what the problem was and where she could be found.

The effort had left her drained and unable to "listen" for any responses. (Whether she'd be able to receive any at this point in time would be debatable, what with the weird inability to leave the area, anyway.) Fatigued and in need of rest and protection, she flew to the building where Cyrus had arranged for her to meet him. She weakly knocked on his door with her tail.

"Mister Man... I called Uxie and Azelf for help! Are you home? Can you let me in?"
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9th-Aug-2015 08:27 pm - Diamond City is MY city!
Who: Mona & Daisy
What: Fun! Relaxation! Video Games! Stealing Wario's car! And of course a run in with Pizza Dinosaur too.
Where: The busting town of Diamond City, located on the beautiful island of who knows in the Super Mario universe somewhere.
When: Weekend of August 8th and 9th
Warnings: Lots of bizarre shenanigans are bound to happen. Tread carefully my friends.
Music:  HURRY UP!

Diamond City. The tropical island hometown of Mona. A busy, bustling city where humans, animal people, and all manner of life forms co-existed happily with one another. A city that sometimes never slept and never for a second held a dull moment. A lively downtown proved fruitful of entertainment with everything from football games to energetic nightclubs that stayed open to the wee hours of the morning. If the busyness of the heart proved too intimidating, one could find themselves on the calmer outskirts of the town where farm fields rolled out amongst the expanding landscape.

Traveling deeper into the island gave way to forests and thick jungles hiding ancient temples awaiting to be discovered and it's treasures plundered. If none of the scenes tickled one's fancy, a leisurely day along Diamond City's beaches were an ideal scene to kick back and catch the rays. And a sunburn if not careful. For further relaxation there was always Tomorrow Hill, where one could see what the events of tomorrow would bring. A freaky anomaly caused by timezones? No one really knows.

By standing out on the docks near the lighthouse, a person could gaze out upon the vast ocean towards the intriguing lab of the Crygors mounted on a small speck of an island. And if one's eyes ventured up to the sky above, a pig-like spaceship could sometimes be seen weaving in and out of clouds. A UFO? Is real? Oh yeah, you bet. As real as the yellow Taxi flying through the air.

You might also want to watch where you step carefully while indulging in Diamond City. Little, elusive creatures known as Fronks tended to skirt around like cockroaches looking for a bit of fun to cause. Catch them if you can, rumor has it around town that Fronks make very good pets!

Despite the hustle and bustle, the variety of life and archeological finds to be had, Diamond City was known famously for it's exports in video games. Made in house at the booming company known as Wario Ware, Inc. located on a mountain, the business proves to be a top contender to video game rivals such as the likes of Diamond City Software and Nintendo.

Along with detailing her home town to friends over the course of her stay at Smash Academy, a sort of melancholy of homesickness had proceeded to ail Mona in the past weeks. All of these sights and more were the soul reason Mona felt compelled to return home for a visit before the school year started anew. Before heading back to the books, the red head wanted nothing more than to bring her new friends from the academy for one last final hurrah of summer in her hometown. Show them all her city had to offer and more.

Of course as said, there was never a dull moment in Diamond City, not even while on a small visit.
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23rd-Jul-2015 07:46 pm - Snooping as usual I see
Who: Mona and YOU! Anyone is welcome.
What: Interrogating FDC citizens about the earthquake.
Where: Various locations within Final Destination City, starting at the cafe onwards.
When: Entire day of July 23rd.
Warnings: Probably none.

Who knows the city like the back of their hand better than the people living in it! )
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Who: Max, an assortment of terrible people
What: Max is making internet videos about how to lift weights with special guests.
Where: The weight room.
When: Afternoons, April 13th - 24th
Warnings: Bro culture.

Max, to show up Flak, who has his own Mewtube workout videos, is going to make a series of EVEN BETTER workout videos and his are going to have MATCHING TANK TOPS and SPECIAL GUESTS and MORE BICEPS. Welcome to Max's Bootcamp. Welcome to a world of bro culture. Welcome to life.
More terrible below )
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Who: Jock, Blue
What: Jock is babby
Where: Dorms
When: 3am
Warnings: Jock is babby

Jock awoke in the middle of the night, feeling strange and out-of-sorts. Why was he in this bed? What bed was this? It smelled like a good bed, but he didn't sleep in beds, not usually. He was usually just outside! Outside and sleeping on the ground! Not inside and in good-smelling beds.

The bed smelled like him, only moreso. Like, super-Jock smelling. It was hard to describe. But it smelled good, like... Jock. But more Jock than Jock.

"Mama?" he asked to the darkness.

That's when he noticed another smell -- the smell of a man he didn't recognize. Who was this strangely-smelling man? Why was he in a room with a weird-smell guy? Ugh, it smelled like old paper got married to an ink bottle. (The open copy of A Treatise on Unguents. Proclaimed Indispensable by Alchemist, Chirurgeon, and Sorcerer Alike: Containing a Distinct Classification of Uses both Benign and Malignant. Building and Expanding Upon Marius's Unguento Taxinomia, Including Dozens of the Most Recently Discovered Salves, Ointments, Embrocations, Liniments and Emollients heretofore Undiscussed by Critical or Popular Publication. Illustrated Lavishly with Engravings and Several Hand-Tinted Plates. Published with the Highest Accuracy of Information in the IVth Year of the Reign of Exalt Emmeryn in the City of Ylisstol was likely adding to this effect.)
And we're off )
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Who: Bowser, Hajime
What: Bowser is lost in the catacombs beneath school; Hajime is cosplaying a Magcargo.
Where: The bunkers below the school.
When: Whenever it most pleases.
Warnings: Bowser being a dick.

He was lost, but he wouldn't admit it. He'd been wandering in the bunkers beneath the school for the last two days, with some stupid robots and some koopas, looking for the source of the purple bug things. He was doing this as a favor for Eggman. Okay, fine, he was getting a car out of it, but that was beside the point.

He'd found the purple insects in spades, but he hadn't been able to locate where they were coming from. At this point, his favorite theory was that they were coming in from some other dimension, like those times that Bowser only had two dimensions; they were seeping through the cracks.

He refused to admit that he was lost, of course, because he was Bowser and therefore couldn't possibly be lost, but it had been quiet a while since he'd had seven hams, and he was starting to feel a bit peckish. He should have brought some Magikoopas along - they could probably magic up hams.

The likelihood of Bowser meeting anyone down here who wasn't a highly flammable purple bug was, of course, minuscule. No, Bowser would wander these dark halls until he found his way out, or he expired from ham deficiency.
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That Fries and Ketchup, Meat and Cheese,/ In all that Tasty Burgers Please.

Who: Hagakure, Hajime, Asahina, Joel, Kumatora
What: 2am Burger Run
Where: An All-Night Burger Place
When: 2am March 8th
Warnings: Hagakure.

Hagakure hadn't gone to sleep yet. He'd been updating his Japanese-language Cryptids wiki for the last six hours, engaging in post after post of discussion on what sources on not-real-at-all creatures were the most trustworthy. Finally, at sometime just before 2am, he was finished. For the evening. There were still hours and hours worth of material to go through.

His stomach grumbled at him. He hadn't had anything to eat since dinner and that was like eight hours ago by this point. He needed something to eat. But he was going to have to go off campus to get it; the cafeteria wasn't open and Hagakure wasn't the Super High School Level Lockpicker. His choices of food at this hour were probably limited. The best bet -- burgers. But, should he brave a burger run alone at this hour, and risk alien meat abduction alone? The answer: a firm no.

He looked over at his sleeping roommate. What a beautiful cherub he looked, asleep soundly in the sleep that only the virtuous and just could sleep. He probably wanted a burger.

"Hey, hey, Jime. Jime, get up. Jime. Jime. Jiiiiiimeeeeeeeeee."
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Who: Jock, Jolt, & Mondo
What: Make a series of 6-second long videos and post them to the internet
Where: All over campus and town
When: Jan. 2014
Warnings: Idiots being idiots. Mondo being Mondo.

The following log is a list of six-second long videos posted to the six-second-long video website that everyone uses, Pitfall! These videos are all made by Mondo, Jolt and Jock and probably uploaded by Jolt because Mondo and Jock aren't smart enough to upload them successfully.

You are encouraged to have your character react to viewing any one of these terribly-described, one-sentence long descriptions of a video.
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Who: Apple Kid as The Game Master, Rick as the Buff Monk, Gordon as the Competent Paladin, Vianca as the Elven Cleric, Alter Ego as the Half-elf Druid & Wheatley as the Incompetent Wizard.
What: Role playing.
Where: School dorms common room.
When: December 2nd, evening.
Warnings: Simulated Violence. Actual Swearing.

Wheatley is a worse wizard than Presto. )
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1st-Jul-2013 12:26 am - I Was A Teenage Dodongo
Who: Pulse and you
What: He is become Dodongo, destroyer of green-hatted Hylians.
Where: Computer Lab and other locations
When: June 28th and on into the week
Warnings: One very confused and upset firebreathing carnivorous monster.

Scaliness Part II: The Scale-ing )

((Updated OOC: Later on that evening, Pulse was able to escape the lab, but for the hours of the day spanning between the bake sale and then, he's still trapped in there. Anyone who wishes to approach him about having sold them a mutation-inducing pastry can find him here in the lab. He will be visiting some other parts of the school after his escape, scenarios of which are available here, as he tries to find out what's going on. Ultimately, an encounter with Shadow the Werehog outside in the forest will cause him to turn feral and complete his transformation, after which he will start roaming the school halls and attacking anything that moves with the intent of eating it.))
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Who: Bowser, Peach, Interested Parties
What: Bowser Kidnapped Peach!!! Oh no!!
Where: A weird building that appeared overnight next to campus
When: The evening of Sat. June 29
Warnings: Ghosts!

Oh, it says 'Ghost House'; that's probably just for fun.
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Who: Jock, Blake, Blue
What: Jock awakens into a nightmare
Where: Jock and Blake's room, BE-07
When: June 29th, 2am
Warnings: Descriptions of gross things

Jock had been super excited by the fact that some people had gotten shuffled around in the dorms and now Blake was his roommate. Jock loved having his best friend in the same room as him, even if Blake did spend most of the day in sleeping. Now they could take naps together without that one weird guy looking at them funny. And mom could sleep over whenever she wanted to and he wouldn't have to worry about anybody else moving in.

He went to bed with his belly full and his pride even fuller. Everything was beautiful with the world and nothing bad would ever happen, ever.
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Who: Tails and YOU!
What: Tails' testing of his awesome new prototype.... which is having issues.
Where: Mostly at the hangar at first, and then around the school.
When: Thursday 11/15
Warnings: PCB for Possible Crash and Burn

What? Tails? Watch out! You're gonna crash! Ahhh! )
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Who: Maximilian Justice Powers and Charsworth von Kerosene-Flameo the III.
What: Max shows up outside of Char's dorm to reveal a great truth
Where: Outside of Char's dorm room
When: Wednesday Sept. 5th
Warnings: It's Char, so there's sure to be vulgar language.

He's really super sorry for that whole tattooing you forever thing )
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6th-Sep-2012 09:51 pm - Holy crap I hope I do this right
Who: Garry and all the inspiring painters
What: PAINTING CLASS!111!11 First one.
Where: Some art room.
When: Le first week of school. Morning.
Warnings: To much artistic expression in this RP log.

Now with less gallery tragic )
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25th-Jun-2012 10:15 pm - IT JUST ATE THE AUDIENCE'S SOULS
Who: Goombella, Flurrie, and viewers like YOU!
Where: The White Space
When: Time Eater o'clock
Warnings: It looks like a goth puked in here

Muh huh huh huh huh... )
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Who: Cyrus and whoever else
What: Time Eater
Where: Reliving the time from the creation of the Red Chain to his defeat on Mt Coronet
When: Two and a half years ago

I no longer have any need for them. I am finished with them. )
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Who: Sonic the Hedgehog [ [personal profile] bluestreaker ], Shadow the Hedgehog [ [personal profile] obfuskate ], Silver the Hedgehog [ [personal profile] absolutional ], and a very special guest [ [personal profile] sonicboom ]...
What: Crisis not averted; welcome to Crisis City, dear hedgehogs.
Where: Crisis City, an event revitalized from a killed time...
When: June 23rd (I suppose?), sometime after Shadow's log
Warnings: Fighting, probably, and violence and such, being that this is Crisis City. Also, pime taradoxes.

look around you, then you may realize... )

[[ I'll be manning both Shadow and classic!Sonic here. uwu Let's do this, guys! ]]
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23rd-Jun-2012 07:20 pm - Kid Metroid II: Uprising of Samus
Who: Pit, Samus, and anyone else who wants to join in
What: ANGELS AND BOUNTY HUNTERS IN SPACE. The events of Kid Icarus Uprising: Chapter 8 are relived as well as some events in Metroid II.
Where: IN SPACE. Then the star pirates' ship. Then we segue into SR388 up until the death of the Metroid Queen.
When: June 23rd, but time is so spazzed out that it probably doesn't make much sense regardless of date.

Great. Just great. )
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