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Name:Smash Logs
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[community profile] smash_logs is the community to use for all interactions that take place outside of Smash Academy's default network. Specifically, this community is for prose logs. If you're looking to do action logs, take those to [community profile] smashacademy, instead. Please see below for our requested prose log formatting and a brief overview of tagging the entries.

» !closed log, !open log: Fairly self-explanatory. This will denote whether it's a log between specific people, or if you plan on opening it to everyone.

» !class log, !club log: Smash Academy is a school for brawling. What would we be if we didn't have clubs and classes? These tags will help everyone keep track of things that might have been mentioned in previous classes or club meetings. Consider it like a refresher course!

» !completed log, !incomplete log: Also pretty straight forward and simple. Of course, it's easy to get to the end of a log and forget that it's been finished. This isn't absolutely necessary, but we'd love it if you managed to do it for the sake of organization.

» # class name here, # club name here: These are for specific courses and clubs and we have quite a few of both. It's a great way of looking up all of the previous class logs that belong to a particular class, such as # archery, # club - host club, et cetera.

The only other thing you need to worry about is your character tags. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO TAG YOUR POSTS.

That's it! PLEASE CONTACT A MOD IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR TAG. Or! If you think there's a strong need for a new type of tag, or notice a duplicate or make a misspelling, just let a mod know and we'll fix it.


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