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15th-Dec-2015 11:48 am - KISSLETOES...? It happens Every Year.
Who: Everyone.
What: Tiny poisonous berry plants gently encourage you to make out.
Where: All over the school grounds.
When: However long the world is left in One Piece.
Warnings: You know yourselves. You Know. (Please place NSFW warnings in the subject line of any tag which leads into super risqué territory THANKS GUYS!)

Hope you brought your chap-stick. )
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3rd-Oct-2015 08:09 pm - [Open] Sunday Strolls
Who: A Mountain, Campus and You.
What: Watch your heads, cause someone's not watching their steps. There's destruction afoot.
When: October 4th.
Where: All across campus.

As far as Sundays went, this one was pretty typical, despite the lingering blood moon that persisted well into the morning. If you disregarded that, you could certainly call it lovely. The air held the crisp kiss of autumn's chill, the breeze rustling the fire hued foliage of campus. Eventually the sun's golden rays chased away the moon, bringing with it the deep blue of the sky.

It was entirely possible to forget anything bizarre was happening on such a nice day. Monsters, earthquakes, pssht. Those didn't exist today.

At least not until the first rumble echoed off the edge of campus. And then the next. And the next. And the next. Each one closer, stronger, rattling everything that wasn't fixed in place. The more astute in their panic might have noticed that it was far too rhythmic in its shocks. It was like a heartbeat, or a particularly strong footstep down rickety stairs.

Or perhaps they just noticed that a huge foot had come crashing through the roof of whatever building they happened to be in. Probably a striking detail, that.

The mountains, it seemed, were out for a stroll.

The colossal beast was ambling without a care in the world. The school buildings it was walking over (and through) posed no issue for it. Clearly it was just enjoying the fine Sunday like anyone else would. The mountains it had apparently wandered down from must have looked too boring, or maybe that little wolf thing had been making too much of a racket.

Either way, it was here and it was peacefully walking directly through Smash Academy.

[Open log! You may want to react to the happenings, or help people evacuate! Maybe there's something to be done about the creature? Watch your step! Questions and plotting can be found here! ]
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26th-Aug-2015 08:24 pm - Beach log!
Who: Anyone who's a cool dude (EVERYONE)
When: Last week before school
Warnings: Rising ocean levels and potential shenanigans

Nothing like one last hurrah before summer's over and you have to go back to school, right? Even if the water level's pretty high right now, it's-- what do you mean this is low tide? Really?

Well, at least there's still a sliver of sand left to chill out on, make sandcastles, have evening bonfires, and maybe you can even squeeze in a game of dead or alive beach volleyball. The sun's bright and warm and there's a refreshing sea breeze washing over the coast. Just be careful in the water and have a good time.
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Who: Cynthia and anyone who sees her
What: Moving and fixing stuff
Where: Guidance Office and TD-08
When: the entire day of 7/19. Between the morning to noon: Office, After lunch onwards: Dorm
Warnings: If she stubs her toe, she might curse. Other than that, I doubt there's anything worth mentioning.

You find the fun and snap! The job's a game )
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9th-Feb-2015 01:13 am - Two guys, one machine
Who: Byrne and Joel
What: Two surly guys end up meeting - wowzers!
Where: At the gym
When: February 9th
Warnings: Probably not

AKA what happens when annoying people try to covet the weight machines I use )
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Who: YOU
When: December 14th - January 1st
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts.

I'm hoping that I don't get caught under the mistletoe )
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8th-Dec-2014 10:36 am - Lunch with Hal
Who: Hal, Gordon, Samus, Falcon, Ziio, Joel
What: Lunch downtown
When: Lunchtime
Where: Bistro de Ville, downtown
Warnings: Nerd talk will be heavily involved!

Hal was feeling slightly apprehensive about meeting his new peers at Smash Academy. In an attempt to alleviate this, he thought he might break the ice by inviting the Smash Academy staff to lunch. He just hopes that Gordon has passed on the invitations that he said he would...
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26th-Jul-2014 08:33 pm - Dorm Log
Who: All of Smash.
What: Dorm log! Summertime special.
Where: Student and Teacher dorms, and quite possibly beyond campus.
When: Approximately the latter half of July to the earliest of Augusts (25th - 15th)

We all know our characters experience downtime after classes and their busy schedules, and this is a good venue for those kinds of miscellaneous dorm-shenanigans to take place. Not only does it give your characters the easy chance to meet new people in a laid-back environment, but it's a good mechanism for strengthening CR. It's easy!

Feel free to begin in any way you please! Plan with (a) fellow player(s) if you'd like! Or, set up a thread and wait for characters to bite! Just add a thread with the room number (and date/time, if it matters) and the characters that reside there (just for reference!). You do not have to use one character's thread as a dual-purpose for both characters if you do not want to. Doesn't have to be a dorm room, either, if you have something else in mind.

And don't forget: things are getting pretty freaky! Shadow bugs are still rife around the school and city, causing all kinds of trouble, but most significantly capable of cloning people and even objects. For the remainder of July, the dimensional lines are a little blurred and causing alternate universe versions of characters to show up. But something ever curiouser has started to show up on campus... Bubbles?

Subspace bubbles? They look kinda like the ones dotting the sky... Dare ye enter?

If you do, you'll find that it... just ends up being a portal to another part of the school. Sometimes they may lead you into some part of town. Weird! Hopefully it doesn't lead you anywhere embarrassing, like in the middle of a stage play or in the bathroom of the opposite sex. That's mortifying.

And now, for your events! )

For reference, here are the rooming arrangements.
7th-Jul-2014 06:48 pm - PRANK LOG PRANK LOG
Who: Skull Kid and YOU!
What: Skull Kid is a little shit, news at 11
Where: All over the place
When: Starting from 6/30 onwards!
Warnings: Shenanigans

teeheeheeheehee )
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19th-May-2014 06:56 am - What a long, strange trip.
Who: Charlise and anyone who comes around.
What: Roaming the halls and getting settled again.
Where: Around the academy, later in the dorms.
When: Monday
Warnings: It's Kitty. Expect foul language, rude behavior, tsun attitudes and bunch of other warnings.

Here but not here. )

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17th-Mar-2014 08:15 pm - ready your four-leaf clovers, kids
Who: Edel Absol and you with the face.
What: Stalking
Where: Everywhere around school.
When: All day long

If you feel like you are being watched today, you probably are.

With a human form privately practiced, being enrolled to take classes and having a dorm of her own for that purpose, today one Edelweiss is taking it upon herself to familiarize herself with Smash Academy's walls and residents more thoroughly than usual. In the past, she had remained in the shadows watching the bunch of weirdos at this place before going back to her Pokeball. But if she was going to be attending it as a student, she would have to know where everything is, what everything is, whatever she could! It's a more effective method to learn, she thought, even though she picked up a decent amount of information just from lurking.

Of course right now she found it more convenient to do so in depth while in her original form.

One might see the Disaster Pokemon in the courtyard, in the student dorm halls, or on the roofs. Probably quite often in tall places, actually. She could see and hear a lot at a time that way.

But no one has come up to talk with her yet! Will you?
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That Fries and Ketchup, Meat and Cheese,/ In all that Tasty Burgers Please.

Who: Hagakure, Hajime, Asahina, Joel, Kumatora
What: 2am Burger Run
Where: An All-Night Burger Place
When: 2am March 8th
Warnings: Hagakure.

Hagakure hadn't gone to sleep yet. He'd been updating his Japanese-language Cryptids wiki for the last six hours, engaging in post after post of discussion on what sources on not-real-at-all creatures were the most trustworthy. Finally, at sometime just before 2am, he was finished. For the evening. There were still hours and hours worth of material to go through.

His stomach grumbled at him. He hadn't had anything to eat since dinner and that was like eight hours ago by this point. He needed something to eat. But he was going to have to go off campus to get it; the cafeteria wasn't open and Hagakure wasn't the Super High School Level Lockpicker. His choices of food at this hour were probably limited. The best bet -- burgers. But, should he brave a burger run alone at this hour, and risk alien meat abduction alone? The answer: a firm no.

He looked over at his sleeping roommate. What a beautiful cherub he looked, asleep soundly in the sleep that only the virtuous and just could sleep. He probably wanted a burger.

"Hey, hey, Jime. Jime, get up. Jime. Jime. Jiiiiiimeeeeeeeeee."
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Who: Joel and anyone who wants to learn how to Shop the Wood.
What: Wood shop, wood shop. Let's all learn to Carpentry.
Where: Shop class.
When: Friday afternoon.
Warnings: It's wood shop. So. Uh. Don't step on any nails.

Joel had picked Friday Afternoon very specifically for this class. So far as he was concerned having a practical, hands on class at the end of a busy week full of books and words and numbers and stuff was a blessing for poor, hard done by high schoolers with more energy than sense.

Incidentally, that was before he'd discovered that the curriculum here was as likely to involve running around in simulated environments shooting things as it was long division and book reports.

Despite carpentry not being quite as incredible as anything involving the stadium, he had to have at least some faith that some kids would want to learn how to make things. And he'd picked out a pretty simple first project to see where everyone was at in terms of prior knowledge.
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