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Parting glass

Who: Bulba and Vinnie
What: Saying goodbye
Where: What's left of the greenhouse
When: Nov 13?
Warnings: Guilt and abandonment

While it was fortunate that the greenhouse had been spared the awful fate of being stepped on by a mountain on a stroll, it hadn't come out completely unscathed. The tremors of nearby footfalls had been enough to shatter every pane of glass, knock over planters, and even topple some of their taller potted trees. The floor was now utterly carpeted in glass shards, spilled soil and shattered ceramic. Like the rest of the school, the damage was severe. It was going to take a lot of careful, had work to reconstruct the garden that so many people had poured their love into.

But with the moon bearing down on them all, was there really a point?

Vinnie had managed to fish out the thick manual Erika left behind for them out from the debris. He was sitting outside of the wreckage now, the book heavy in his hands. Each page he leafed through was weighted with nostalgia, and the burden of her disappointment.

If there was one thing that this disaster proved, it was one truth: you couldn't save everyone.

And looking at the plants left in the greenhouse, he knew. They wouldn't be able to save all of them.

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