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6th-Jan-2016 02:43 pm - [open log] Kiss Kiss Punch the Moon
Who: Everybody smoochin or punchin.
What: wedding festivities and the apocolypse. Wow!
When: January 5-8th
Where: the Clocktower. The moon? The doors!!
Rating: P for Pow

They had to do it now, that's what they had said. Now, in front of everyone, here at the clocktower. The stage was set for a blast of a time, as gorgeous as it could be at the last minute. The festivities were bound to be a fantastic time, even with looming orange moon filling half the sky.

At least, it was a nice time before the nightmare of a face began to open its mouth in silent congratulations for the happy couple. (Or maybe that was a silent scream.)

It was a nice time before the masks rocketed out of their confines, smashing glass and walls and anything in their way. The door was made for them, and that was where they'd stay, nice and cozy as the apocalypse seemed to open above them.

The clock tower rang the time. As the echoes of the chimes rang out through the air, the clock above door began to move. It was counting down, and with it, the door slowly opened.

Three days.

What to do, Smash Academy?
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15th-Dec-2015 11:48 am - KISSLETOES...? It happens Every Year.
Who: Everyone.
What: Tiny poisonous berry plants gently encourage you to make out.
Where: All over the school grounds.
When: However long the world is left in One Piece.
Warnings: You know yourselves. You Know. (Please place NSFW warnings in the subject line of any tag which leads into super risqué territory THANKS GUYS!)

Hope you brought your chap-stick. )
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30th-Nov-2015 02:40 pm - Dying with No Regrets
Who: Knuckles, Wave
What: Wave has a few things she wants to get off her chest.
Where: The gym
When: November 30
Warnings: U for UST

Even with the moon ready to drop from the heavens, Wave and Knuckles still met for her training sessions. Bright and early, as if nothing was wrong. Except Wave didn't feel that way. No masks, no hope of entering the door she found, the moon about to crush them... They were all as good as dead. There was no point in continuing.

And yet she kept right on doing it. It was a point of consistency for her. Maybe that was enough to at least stop her from thinking too hard about the end and just giving in.

She changed into a pair of white shorts and a sports bra, ready for the day's training. At least Knuckles wasn't the worst company to keep in a time like this... He had a positive attitude that she admittedly enjoyed. And he was far more patient with her than she thought he was capable of. It was kinda nice.

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25th-Nov-2015 05:54 pm - Birthday Blaze
Who: Sonic, Blaze, Marine, Rouge, Knux, Wave, aaaand others.
What: Surprise! It's Blaze's birthday.
Where: Various places.
When: Nov. 15th
Warnings: Mild language, light petting, birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday, Blaze!"

Sonic produced the roses he'd "rescued" from the shattered greenhouse almost immediately upon her opening the door to her room, sporting a huge grin along with them. Maybe one or two of the blossoms were bruised, but all in all they're looking better than his bouquets of the past.
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What: Halloween Party!
Where: The haunted ruins What remains of the arena
When: October 31
Warnings: S for SPOOPY

The academy may have been mostly in ruins. The moon may have been falling from the sky. People may have been feeling hopeless.

But life went on nonetheless. That was the point Daisy wanted to make when she busted her butt for the few days before Halloween, gathering up whatever supplies she could to make sure that she and her friends would have at least one night to enjoy themselves. Something to take their minds off of things for at least a little while, and raise everyone's spirits.

The arena projectors actually managed to work, despite flickering a bit, and Daisy was able to program a nice haunted house scene to hold the party in.

She grabbed some snacks from in town, some mood music, and made sure that everyone would have themselves a good time.  Hopefully nothing bad would happen.

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14th-Oct-2015 05:27 pm - Lava Foundry, Act 1.
Who: Sonic, Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge, Marine, Rrrrrrrobotnik
What: Scouting Eggman's new digs
Where: Remember that Volcano that no one talks about? We're back there again.
When: The moon hangs low in the sky. It's daytime.
Warnings: Lava, dangerous robots, smartass commentary

"Welp, at least the lava's hardened since last time."

Sonic mused that to himself, as he kicked a fragment of pahoehoe off the cliff and looked up to the rim of the crater.

"I guess ol' Eggolodon couldn't resist the chance to build a base in a volcano."
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3rd-Oct-2015 08:09 pm - [Open] Sunday Strolls
Who: A Mountain, Campus and You.
What: Watch your heads, cause someone's not watching their steps. There's destruction afoot.
When: October 4th.
Where: All across campus.

As far as Sundays went, this one was pretty typical, despite the lingering blood moon that persisted well into the morning. If you disregarded that, you could certainly call it lovely. The air held the crisp kiss of autumn's chill, the breeze rustling the fire hued foliage of campus. Eventually the sun's golden rays chased away the moon, bringing with it the deep blue of the sky.

It was entirely possible to forget anything bizarre was happening on such a nice day. Monsters, earthquakes, pssht. Those didn't exist today.

At least not until the first rumble echoed off the edge of campus. And then the next. And the next. And the next. Each one closer, stronger, rattling everything that wasn't fixed in place. The more astute in their panic might have noticed that it was far too rhythmic in its shocks. It was like a heartbeat, or a particularly strong footstep down rickety stairs.

Or perhaps they just noticed that a huge foot had come crashing through the roof of whatever building they happened to be in. Probably a striking detail, that.

The mountains, it seemed, were out for a stroll.

The colossal beast was ambling without a care in the world. The school buildings it was walking over (and through) posed no issue for it. Clearly it was just enjoying the fine Sunday like anyone else would. The mountains it had apparently wandered down from must have looked too boring, or maybe that little wolf thing had been making too much of a racket.

Either way, it was here and it was peacefully walking directly through Smash Academy.

[Open log! You may want to react to the happenings, or help people evacuate! Maybe there's something to be done about the creature? Watch your step! Questions and plotting can be found here! ]
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Where: THE MALL!
When: NOW! (September 20 - 26)
Warnings: S for SHOPPING

Sometimes... Sometimes people just needed things. Basic necessities, food, clothes, video games... Of course, after the big Angry Birds attack a few days ago, it was likely people needed to replace broken things too. (How did that even happen anyway...)

Whatever the reason, the mall was the place to be.
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2nd-Sep-2015 04:50 pm - Talk Shit, Get Fit
Who: Wave and Knuckles
What: Knuckles teaches Wave fighting techniques
Where: The gym
When: August 17, early morning
Warnings: E for EXERCISE

Wave was exceptionally confident in her skills and abilities. That fact was undeniable. She knew she was an exceptional rider, an exceptional mechanic, and a genius to boot. She could take on anything on her Gear.

Off her Gear, though...

A fateful trip to the floating island taught Wave that her close quarters combat skills were lacking. Knuckles had offered to train her, although at the time her wounded pride prevented her from accepting. Time and reflection had a way of changing one's mind about things. It may have been against her ego, but she took him up on the offer.

The weight room was sparsely occupied at 6 in the morning. Either the meatheads hadn't arrived, or they were about to. Either way, she felt so out of place there, waiting for Knuckles to arrive.

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8th-Aug-2015 12:06 pm - For Whom The Bell Tolls
Who: Wave, Tails
What: Time to go on a date check out the clock tower.
Where: The Clock Tower
When: ??
Warnings: C for CLOCKS

Finally things were starting to get interesting around here, Wave thought. All of the recent activity actually gave her something to occupy herself with, rather than just being bored in the security office. And now it was time to take a more proactive role.

Tails suggested visiting the clock tower. Wave of course agreed. She wasn't sure yet what it had more to do with, actual curiosity, or the crush that she was developing on him. She had no idea, but that wouldn't stop her from going on the expedition anyway.

So she waited for him to arrive, checking her watch again, and again. It had only been a couple of minutes, she didn't know why she was so impatient...

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Who: Knuckles and Wave
What: Exploring a goddamn Island in the Sky.
Where: On an Island in the Sky.
When: Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!!!!
Warnings: Possibly some fighting of Monsters.

 photo Floating.jpg

Knuckles sat on top of Smash Academy's clock tower, staring up at the Island.

He'd been here long enough now that hearing stories about the Other Him who had been here was less jarring. But he still had no REAL idea why he was here. He'd been able to go back to his own world with Sonic and Tails and Blaze, but was still unable to enter the portal when by himself. Now Wave was here after activating an inscription at the Gigan Rocks and he had to wonder whether she could return using the portal on her own, or if she'd need company too.

There was a bigger picture here that he wasn't seeing and it was driving him crazy! While he was a world class treasure hunter and an expert at dealing with artifacts and inscriptions - even powerful ones - why the Master Emerald ported him here or the Gigan Ruins sent Wave here was just as mysterious to him as Sonic and Tails being able to come and go as they please.

....and while he actually kinda liked it here? Making a jerk of himself on Valentines, looking like a weakling in the weightlifting contest, being beaten in two spars and spending a week one splash away from becoming a tiny pig tended to weigh on a guy's mind.

So, here he sat, staring moodily at the stupid floating Island that wasn't HIS floating Island and wondering if he shouldn't be up there right now searching it more thoroughly.
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23rd-Feb-2011 04:11 pm - Party till you can't party no more.

WHO!?: It's the Birthday Girl Wave, Sonic, Knuckles, Goombella, Goose, Rouge was invited too. I guess any other folks Wave wants to bring along?
WHAAAT!?: It's a Celebration, Bitches! And a very special episode of 'Of Hedgehogs and Swallows.'
WHEN!?: Backdated to Wave's Birthday. So. Monday.
WHERE IS THIS THING GOING ON?: A revolving restaurant with picturesque views of FDC.
WARNINGS!?: Well, we'll have to see but I doubt this is going to become a blood orgy. Maybe some sappiness. Maybe even some drama.

Onward to adventure. )
Who: Wave, Paula
What: Paula asks Wave for advice
When: Feb. 4th, after classes
Where: Wave's office
Rating: PG

How does I date? )
8th-Jan-2011 08:48 pm - Treasure Hunt Club!

Who?: Knuckles, Goombella, Staff Co-ordinator Brock and members. Plus some angry NPCs and a very shiny thing.
Where?: It's Donkey Kong Country! 
When?: It's Friday afternoon!
What?: It's treasure hunt club. So. Treasure hunting.
Warnings?: Here be brigands. 

George, george of the jungle etc etc... )

Ahh, the Egg Carrier. Pride of the Eggman fleet, this large vehicle has been floating in SBG's air as long as Robotnik himself has been here. But now it's been overtake by one Metal Hedgehog and now someone needs to be rescued and saved.

Oh yeah, and robots need to be trashed. But the Eggman fleet is hard to get in. There are missile launchers, air mines, lock-on energy cannons and a large hidden laser cannon hidden in the beak-like bulb in the front. As he looks up, Sonic sees its majestic image. He knows there are thousands upon thousands of badniks, in all shapes and sizes.

Rescue the hostage and fighting the nemesis? This one's gonna be hard. But Sonic wasn't alone.

[[OOC Notice – There will be a few threads at first, but otherwise you are free to do WHATEVER you want in here. Fight robots? Try to hack your way in (it will be. Very hard.), just come to hit on some robots, join other teams, veer off to try to find Lash, it's all good, it's all like you want it to be. GO NUTS. We want to see you at your best, Smash Academy!

There are no set maps, so while Sonic is going to attack near the front, you can board with your dudes on any side and attack anything anywhere. You can even just go and chill or something but the robots are going to find you. Mix with others! Start your own threads! Destroy robots, it's all good, chaotic and pure fun. And remember; Eggman's the one who's stuck with the bill. Just no exploding ships please, we've got to keep it relatively intact with all these people inside.]]
11th-Nov-2010 10:25 pm - Coffee Time! Old Rivals?
Who: Wave and Rouge
What: Wave and Rouge happen to get coffee together.
When: November 11, after classes
Where: A coffee shop in FDC
Warnings: None yet B for Bitches

With another day done, Wave decided she needed a break.  A book in hand, she decided to try paying a trip to one of the city's coffee shops, getting herself a hot drink and catching up on some technical journals.  One needed to stay abreast of the latest developments in the fast paced world of technology and mechanical engineering.  She found herself a quiet place to sit by the window, and sat down to start enjoying her coffee, not knowing that fate had different plans for her.
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Who: Wave, Goose, Auto Shop students
What: Wave teaches the class about gyrocopters, and Sharky gets pimped right the hell out.
Where: Auto Shop room
When: Friday Afternoon
Warnings: D for YO DAWG unless we find Blacky's panties in it this time too

Now you can fly while you log. )
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