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6th-Jan-2016 02:43 pm - [open log] Kiss Kiss Punch the Moon
Who: Everybody smoochin or punchin.
What: wedding festivities and the apocolypse. Wow!
When: January 5-8th
Where: the Clocktower. The moon? The doors!!
Rating: P for Pow

They had to do it now, that's what they had said. Now, in front of everyone, here at the clocktower. The stage was set for a blast of a time, as gorgeous as it could be at the last minute. The festivities were bound to be a fantastic time, even with looming orange moon filling half the sky.

At least, it was a nice time before the nightmare of a face began to open its mouth in silent congratulations for the happy couple. (Or maybe that was a silent scream.)

It was a nice time before the masks rocketed out of their confines, smashing glass and walls and anything in their way. The door was made for them, and that was where they'd stay, nice and cozy as the apocalypse seemed to open above them.

The clock tower rang the time. As the echoes of the chimes rang out through the air, the clock above door began to move. It was counting down, and with it, the door slowly opened.

Three days.

What to do, Smash Academy?
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Who: Rock, Zero, anyone who wants to show up
What: Standing on the roof staring dramatically is the natural state of robots
Where: Whatever tall rooftop managed to survive the Colossus
When: Wednesday, November 11

It felt like all hope was gone, or vanishing fast. The moon got closer to the ground every day, and even now it hung ominously in the sky. Time was running out. And Rock felt like perhaps this time, it was the end... He stood on the roof, watching the sky, hands clenching and unclenching as he tried to think of something, ANYTHING, he could do that would help. He was so distracted he wouldn't notice if anyone decided to come join him.
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7th-Jul-2014 06:48 pm - PRANK LOG PRANK LOG
Who: Skull Kid and YOU!
What: Skull Kid is a little shit, news at 11
Where: All over the place
When: Starting from 6/30 onwards!
Warnings: Shenanigans

teeheeheeheehee )
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15th-Jan-2014 11:00 pm - DORM LOGS: Now with EVENTS!
Who: All of Smash.
What: Dorm log! January edition.
Where: Student and Teacher dorms, and quite possibly beyond campus.
When: Approximately the latter half of January to the earliest of Februaries (15th - 5th)

We all know our characters experience downtime after classes and their busy schedules, and this is a good venue for those kinds of miscellaneous dorm-shenanigans to take place. Not only does it give your characters the easy chance to meet new people in a laid-back environment, but it's a good mechanism for strengthening CR. It's easy!

Feel free to begin in any way you please! Plan with (a) fellow player(s) if you'd like! Or, set up a thread and wait for characters to bite! Just add a thread with the room number (and date/time, if it matters) and the characters that reside there (just for reference!). You do not have to use one character's thread as a dual-purpose for both characters if you do not want to. Doesn't have to be a dorm room, either, if you have something else in mind. It could be the common room or the student science lab or wherever.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!

This time, we're shaking things up. On certain days, there will be an event going on that might help if you can't think of a good scenario to kick off a thread with. Here is the list!*

1/18: Hypno's Naptime. Much like the anime episode of the same name, there are mysterious sleep waves pulsing through town. No one is sure where they're coming from- it could be a rowdy Hypno that took over a broadcasting station one day, or maybe it's the local Disco Drowzee club that opened up just recently and their collective moves are enough to make you snooze. Well, these sleep waves might make you catch onto some unexpected z's, but more likely they can give you strange effects. Don't limit it to thinking you're a Pokemon, either. They can trick you into believing you're something else entirely, or just give you the urge to slip on a chicken costume and table dance in front of a crowd without finding it socially inappropriate. Just. WEIRD STUFF, MAN. Anything is possible.
1/19 - 1/25: Nancy's going on vacation. That's right, you sorry saps aren't gonna know what to do with yourselves now that no one's cooking for you. There was gonna be a substitute lunch bear/lady/alien space creature, but for whatever reason, they never showed up. So now, everyone must FEND FOR THEMSELVES. How will you fare if you don't even know how to flip a spatula?
1/25 - 1/27: Ice Cream Blizzard. Oh, you poor, starving Smashers. Not only are you bereft of nutrition, but it's cold and snowing and you can barely get out of the building without freezing solid! You might just perish, but wait- if you step outside and try to catch snowflakes with your tongue, you might just realize that it's... snowing ICE CREAM?!
1/29-1/31: Goomba Infestation. Everything is Goombas for 2 days in the boys dorms. Bowser is dicking around with "Itchymarbles" again, and it just spills out across the entire dorms. This prank has the unfortunate side effect of, well, affecting everyone on campus, and not just Scratchy McMarbles, so you might wanna be careful opening that fridge, since the wrong kinds of mushrooms might start pouring out. Jumping on them might work, but it's gonna take a lot of hopscotch to decimate an entire roomful!

This is a bit of an experiment, so... we'll see what comes of this.

*Note: These were determined by rng. Any other suggestions will be recycled for next time if the event aspect is successful.

Also, if you want easy access to the dorm living arrangements, here is the link.
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27th-Aug-2013 12:11 am - DRAMABALLS: THE LOG
What: Eggman and Seth's evil plans have been revealed, and this is the catch-all fight log.
Where: around campus/in FDC/AROUND
When: Monday, August 26th
Warnings: heartache and tragedy within
Reference links: plotting post, network post

Perhaps you watched it happen before your very eyes, perhaps word makes it to you via phone, or a friend pulls you over to watch the feed play back. One way or another, you realize a huge drama bomb has been dropped into your laps, Smash Academy:

Eggman's robots are mobilizing.

Seth is some huge, psychotic asshole drug lord hellbent on subverting everyone with clones.

And they're fighting it out on top of a building in FDC and it's being televised.

(What the hell.)

...Or perhaps you are unfortunate enough to not realize any of that until it's too late, and you have been captured and robotsized by Eggman. Perhaps it's less noticeable and you feel like you bumped your head against something and blacked out just for a second. Weird, but you feel totally fine and nothing seems wrong.

Not yet.
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8th-Aug-2013 05:55 pm - [Open Log] Draw Logs Again? COME ON
Who: Mary, Red, YOU
What: Let's do a little painting en plein air.
When: Sometime during the week on a nice sunny day.
Where: Out in the grassier areas, but not necessarily the sports field.

Opening art courtesy of MICHELLE. What a babe. )

[[THAT'S RIGHT it's draw log time, with a twist: artwork is done ICly! So if you can only do stick figures? No problem, stick someone in who can also only do stick figures! If you want to actually draw characters interacting instead of using text that is more than welcome too.

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Who: Elizabeth and Yooouuuu.
What: Falling out of the sky. Getting culture shocked. That sort of thing.
When: Sure why not the 21st. Can easily extend into the next few days, too :>
Where: School all over.
Warnings: N….o…

Earlier in the day, if you were paying attention you might have seen something drop out of the low cruising clouds. Did you? Maybe. Probably not. Was that a scream in the distance? No? Yeah, no.

(Except the answers were actually yes. Oops.)

Later though, one might notice a young lady that was not previously on campus before. If she was lost she was certainly not showing any signs of being bothered by it, running around and marvelling at…

… Everything. She was marvelling at everything. Even that leaf. Even that tree branch. Look at that lake. Look at that building. Look at that sky.

Look at you. Definitely you.


[Should you like to action tag instead, please feel free! ♥]
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Who: Ib, Garry, Mary, and Skull Kid!
Where: Dis neighborhood, idk.
When: Hulloweenies.
Warnings: Mary. And candy massacre.

This ought to be fun!

Garry wasn't dressed up, of course. But here he is, chaperoning. No way was he gonna let kids go by themselves in the dark knocking on strangers' doors.

Of course, Garry tried to help Ib with her costume. Mary hadn't asked, so he hoped she was gonna be appropriate. Please be appropriate.

And Skull Kid. Was Skull Kid.

He waited at the school entrance for the kiddies so he can take them to get cavities.
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26th-Oct-2012 02:22 pm - The first meeting of the Cartoon Club
Who: Bloody Marie, Peacock, and you!
What: Exactly what it says in the title.
: AE11
: 10/23/12 at 3:30 PM
Peacock's in here, so god help you.

Over the past few days, you may have noticed several flyers advertising some sort of club for cartoons popping up around the school. Or maybe you just happened to stumble upon a bunch of...individuals putting up those flyers. Still, it's entirely possible that you stumbled into the screening room today by complete accident and decided to stick around. Either way, there appears to be something going on in the little room. Marie is busy trying to finish setting up the projector, while Peacock is in a corner, looking through a series of DVDs and picking out a few of them.

Anyone who read the posters and walked by the room would probably notice they're setting up a bit early, but Marie isn't one for being late. Especially not when she has a job to do.

[ooc: Alright, so Marie and Peacock have rented out a room for their little club and are finally going to host it. Anyone, students and staff alike are free to show up. Also, feel free to help them set up before the club starts, or hang out after it's over.]
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22nd-Oct-2012 01:50 pm - Give me the Jack-o-Lantern.
Who: OPEN LOG! But definitely Gold and N.
Where: The courtyard, right outside the dorms.
When: October 21st - 24th. All day and all night, but mostly in the afternoon.
Warnings: Whole lot of pumpkin guts. And maybe some cussing, depending on who's carving.


Two boys- Gold and N- have been very hard at work, collecting pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, colors, and variety, loading them up in little wagons, and carting them back to school. Maybe you noticed the small cluster of pumpkins in the quad grow larger and larger throughout the afternoon on Saturday.

Or maybe you didn't notice at all until the next morning, when tables and chairs were set up, and art supplies (undoubtedly raided from an art classroom), knives (probably taken right from under Nancy's nose), and carving kits were set out.

Regardless, you should probably get to decorating these things before they start to rot!

[Yo! This is probably gonna end up working a lot like the Chao Garden log, where you're definitely encouraged to start your own individual threads, but N and Gold will probably be popping up here and there, too.

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22nd-Oct-2012 04:17 pm - Bluesneaker
Who: Sonic the Hedgehog [ [personal profile] bluestreaker ] & you there on the horizon
What: Sonic's acting suspicious.
Where: General campus area and woods
When: At sunset on October 17 and every sunset onward.
Other: Action tags or prose welcomed.

Fast does not always mean sneaky. )
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Who: N, Nyone!!
What: N will draw you, you, and also you.
Where: The courtyard!
When: Anytime between September 28th and October 5th, 10 AM thru 5 PM!
Warnings: Depends on who shows up, really!

doodled trees and scribbled sidewalks. )

[ YO HERE IS HOW THIS WORKS. Put your date and time in the subject line and just post your dude with a link to a reference! N will then doodle them and by that, I mean I will on paper with actual crayons. They can approach him and openly converse with him if they want to... or not! Either way works, so even the most anti-social of dudes can be drawn. (Just like that fine little hedgie you see up there.) That's about it. GIVE HIM SOME DRAWING MATERIAL, DEARS. ]
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Who: YOU, and you, and you.
Where: Courtyard
When: September 23rd, evening.
Warnings: S'mores. Everywhere.

Come and all, Smash. It's a beautiful afternoon that turned into evening eventually. A slight chill was there, but it was the pleasant fall chill.

Bring your potatoes, marshmallows, meats...whatever the hell you wanna roast. It's a campfire bros.

Since it was all Garry's idea, he was the first there and he brought many sweet potatoes and marshmallows as he said he would. He started raking (and he really sucks at it, he's a weakling. If you're there early, maybe you oughta help).

Once we had a huge pile, it was time to set ablaze. With Garry's lighter, running lower and lower on oil, he made sure there was a protective barrier to make sure the fire didn't spread (a ton of rocks, maybe you helped with that too) and then...tada! We have a campfire.

Eat, roast, chat. DO WHATEVER.

[Set a time(s) your dude of choice was there, and mingle, mingle, mingle! Garry will be floating around too.]
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28th-Aug-2012 08:27 pm - Gymnastics Class
Who: Chun Li and the "Gymnastics" class
What: First days of class
Where: In the gym
When: Beginning of semester
Warnings: Will update as needed.

Chun Li would be standing in the gym about an hour before her students where slated to begin arriving, wanting to make sure the gym was setup the way she wanted it to be.  Of course the first day was going to be extremely easy.  She didn't want to scary anyone off with just the first class meeting.  At the same time, she definitely wanted her students to leave class better than when they arrived.

Speaking of arriving, Chun Li would give a cheerful smile to her students as they began arriving, motioning to the padded floor in front of her.

"Come on in and have a seat where you like!"

((OOC: Feel free to start new threads for your characters to interact either with Chun Li or each other.))

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13th-Aug-2012 01:50 pm - LOCKDOWN
Who: GLaDOS and everyone.
What: Testing.
Where: Aperture Smash Academy
When: August 13th
: Homicidal AI, science, testing, and more science.
Reference: Partner ooc post.

You know, it's funny how things work in life. Chell had had returned to the school after feeling guilty, in order to warn everyone about the impending danger that would befall them. What she didn't know, however, was that once the warning goes out, all it does is enrage the AI. So before anyone would dare leave, all the exit doors in the school became boarded up with panels. Any windows that may have been at the school were closed off, preventing any other means of escape.

For an hour or so, nothing happens besides that. No announcement, no warning, nothing. That is, until panels on the floor open up underneath any unsuspecting victim. The panels will lead to tubing, sending them downwards. Down into a plain white room. Thankfully, for those of you who didn't put on your Long Fall Boots, there will be a cushion to land on. Other than that, the room itself is fairly empty. The only things of mention is a table containing the equipment from the beginning of the week (if you didn't take it), a door (that won't open unless you have all the equipment), and...another person: your partner. Meanwhile, a message from GLaDOS chimes in over the intercom:

"The lockdown of Smash Academy is now complete. For those of you who are curious as to what is going on, a manual testing initiative has been added to the school's curriculum, for students and staff alike. In order to advance, you will need to work with your partner to complete the test. Failure to do so will result in...dangerous consequences.

No one will be allowed out of their current chamber until they are equipped with a communicator, a pair of Long-Fall Boots, and a Dual Portal device. Once those objects are in hand, you may start testing.

That is all.

Good luck testing, Smash. You're going to need it.

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26th-Jul-2012 04:17 am - [OPEN LOG] Metacon
Who: ME & YOU
What: In conjunction with the Love Hotel log, a super nerdy convention for those not interested in the aforementioned/would like to do both.
When: July 26th - 28th
Where: FDC's convention center
Warnings: nodes, I mean, nerds
Reference: Planning Post

Listen to my Tauntaun call! )
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