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Who: Rosalina and Anyone
What: The Lady of the Shooting Stars is here to find out what's what.
Where: Out and about
When: December 18

I never hit so hard in Smash )
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15th-Dec-2015 11:48 am - KISSLETOES...? It happens Every Year.
Who: Everyone.
What: Tiny poisonous berry plants gently encourage you to make out.
Where: All over the school grounds.
When: However long the world is left in One Piece.
Warnings: You know yourselves. You Know. (Please place NSFW warnings in the subject line of any tag which leads into super risqué territory THANKS GUYS!)

Hope you brought your chap-stick. )
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Who: Rhys, Rosalina, Selene, and Paula, with guest star NPC Dante!
What: Snooping at the Legendary Wings Building to find a Nancy! They won't find him though, but rather, someone ~entirely different.~
Where: Legendary Wings building!
When: September 27th, backdated~
Warnings: Possible fighting, but it's not certain. Let's see where the log goes.

Heeeere! )

((If... someone even knows what the Legendary Wings Building IS, let me know here in an OOC note or something (Pix halp). BD; Because I don't at all and we'll need to know before they head inside.))
22nd-Sep-2009 06:09 pm - Open Log: Now with 97% more molting!
Characters: Pit, anyone
What: Pit is undergoing extreme *~bodily changes~* like puberty or menstruation and is losing feathers like pocket change in a holy pocket.
Where: Up to you!
When: From Saturday, September 19th to Saturday, September 26.
Warnings: PINFEATHERS. 8C Self-conscious angels? Gdit. Not that he isn't going through perpetual molt already.

Basically, this is just a log where you can bump into Pit. Anywhere, anytime, anyone. Extra emphasis on ANYONE. You can find him in his room, you can meet him on the roof, down the halls, in between classes, in the courtyard, the common room, training at the stadium... anywhere! Just write in a date, time, and location. I will even wedge in a few starting threads to make it easier on those who can't think of a place/situation to interact with him. I should also mention that the further into the week you go, the worse his molt is. But I mean it: any excuse is good! I love tagging you guys, okay? 8C
Characters: Rosalina and students. Lurkers if they so please.
What: Rosalina teaches Smash Fundamentals
Where: The Stadium
When: September 18, midday
Warnings: G/PG

Break the Targets! )
Who: Sheik, anyone around at an ungodly hour who might run into a sneaky sneak ninja. CONFLICT and MISCHIEF wanted!
What: We must go out. And ninja. In the night.
When: Let's futuredate just a bit to late night, Wedesday, September 2nd.
Where: All over campus!
Rating: PG-13 to start.

I used. My Chinese star. To pick the lock. And steal your car! Rock and roll! )
Characters: Rosalina and anyone else who's interested
What: Rosalina invites Selene and others to stargaze with her at the Observatory
Where: School courtyard and later the Comet Observatory
When: August 24, 8pm
Warnings: N/A

Come stargaze with me )
Characters: Tails, Knuckles, Sonic, Pit, Rosalina, Nester, Smelter
What: Getting to the bottom of what caused the mechas to awake and putting a stop to it. There will be some fighting, be ready!
When: MASSIVELY BACKDATED to Tuesday night, July 7th
Where: Where everyone meets each other, then the hallways, then the Mechanics classroom
Rating: EF for Epic Fighting

The Stage is Set... )
Characters: Louie, Rosalina
What: Rosalina meets up with Louie in the dorm complex kitchen, and they make stuff with star bits!
Where: The dorm complex's kitchen~
When: July 14th
Rating: G, probably.

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Who: Amy, and those who signed up for an appointment.
Where: Room BW - 02 (Amy's dorm room)
When: BACKDATED July 11th, 2009. Starts at 3:30 PM and ends whenever her last fortune is told. (Depending on if anyone chooses to barge in without an appointment...)
Rating: Subject to change, depending on how the characters inside act. Amy and her posts will be around E G or whatever rating is close to that.


The Scenery )

Characters: Goose, Vashta, Rosalina
What: They fight a MECHA (Knuckles and Jeff Angel's creation) in the Courtyard.
Where: Courtyard
When: Tuesday night, July 7th
Rating: PG-13?
Alternative title: By the Rocket's Red Glare! Bombs Bursting in Air! Our Might Repels the Rampaging Mech! (CHRIS <333)

((I'm so sorry I can't do epic titles. 8( I wanted to try it eheh.))

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Characters: Rosalina and anyone who wants to stop by or eat with her
What: Rosalina's epic journey in eating foods other than Star Bits via a picnic
Where: School Courtyard
When: July 1, noon
Rating: G

Let's eat! )
Characters: Rosalina and students
What: Planetary Science’s 3rd class begins
Where: Classroom
When: June 25
Rating: F for fried, cause that what happened to my brain while trying to understand all this scientific stuff. :p

It’s the Ciiiiirrrrccccllleeee of Life! *Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!* )
Characters: ALL OF THEM Bowser, Bowser Junior, Kamek, Peach, Daisy, Midna, Lip, Rosalina, Kumatora, Mario, Dusterrrr, Link, Cane
What: Bowser & Friends have kidnapped every princess, Mario & Friends crossdress as princesses in a daring rescue attempt.
Where: Bowser's Battleship, the School Grounds
When: Father's Day, June 21st
Rating: C for Crossdressing, M for Mustache, DR for Daring Rescue, PB&J for Punching Bowser & Junior, BROFL@MD for Bowser Rolling On the Floor Laughing at Mario in a Dress

Earlier Kidnappings:

This is what happens when you stick a bunch of princesses in the same place with a guy whose job can be reduced to 'Princess Kidnapping' )
Characters: Rosalina and students
What: It's planet presentation time
Where: classroom
When: Thursday afternoon
Rating: PG

Last week, Rosalina took the students to the Comet Observatory in which they were accompanied by Lumas with the ability to transport each of them to a planet of their choice for their project. Now that the due date has arrived, it's time for them to show what they know about their chosen planet to earn a good grade.

"Good afternoon class. Today you will present to me what you know about your chosen planet. Your grade will be based on the quality of the presentation alone. I wish you all the best of luck."

Rosalina then took a seat. "If anyone's willing to go first, you have my permission."
26th-May-2009 01:09 pm - Nurse's Office
Characters: Mario, nurse Birdo, and any other visitors
What: Pipe bombs to the face are not pleasant
Where: Nurses office
When: Backdated ALLLL the way back to Friday evening cause I fail'd
Rating: PG
*Hates pipe bombs now* )

Who?: Knuckles and Goombella, and whichever people decide to come along. (Faculty is welcome too!!)
Where?: At the entrance to the lower parts of the school.
When?: Monday afternoon after classes.
What?: Looking for treasure or anything interesting.
Rating: A for ADVENTURE

Knuckles tightened the straps on his backpack. He was in his regular echidna form and eagerly awaiting everyone else due to come along for the first club meeting of the year. Goombella was there also, had picked an awesome spot, and he was carrying a pack with his own supplies and plenty of extras in case someone showed up short handed.
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