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Who: Rosalina and Anyone
What: The Lady of the Shooting Stars is here to find out what's what.
Where: Out and about
When: December 18

I never hit so hard in Smash )
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15th-Dec-2015 11:48 am - KISSLETOES...? It happens Every Year.
Who: Everyone.
What: Tiny poisonous berry plants gently encourage you to make out.
Where: All over the school grounds.
When: However long the world is left in One Piece.
Warnings: You know yourselves. You Know. (Please place NSFW warnings in the subject line of any tag which leads into super risqué territory THANKS GUYS!)

Hope you brought your chap-stick. )
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What: Halloween Party!
Where: The haunted ruins What remains of the arena
When: October 31
Warnings: S for SPOOPY

The academy may have been mostly in ruins. The moon may have been falling from the sky. People may have been feeling hopeless.

But life went on nonetheless. That was the point Daisy wanted to make when she busted her butt for the few days before Halloween, gathering up whatever supplies she could to make sure that she and her friends would have at least one night to enjoy themselves. Something to take their minds off of things for at least a little while, and raise everyone's spirits.

The arena projectors actually managed to work, despite flickering a bit, and Daisy was able to program a nice haunted house scene to hold the party in.

She grabbed some snacks from in town, some mood music, and made sure that everyone would have themselves a good time.  Hopefully nothing bad would happen.

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3rd-Oct-2015 08:09 pm - [Open] Sunday Strolls
Who: A Mountain, Campus and You.
What: Watch your heads, cause someone's not watching their steps. There's destruction afoot.
When: October 4th.
Where: All across campus.

As far as Sundays went, this one was pretty typical, despite the lingering blood moon that persisted well into the morning. If you disregarded that, you could certainly call it lovely. The air held the crisp kiss of autumn's chill, the breeze rustling the fire hued foliage of campus. Eventually the sun's golden rays chased away the moon, bringing with it the deep blue of the sky.

It was entirely possible to forget anything bizarre was happening on such a nice day. Monsters, earthquakes, pssht. Those didn't exist today.

At least not until the first rumble echoed off the edge of campus. And then the next. And the next. And the next. Each one closer, stronger, rattling everything that wasn't fixed in place. The more astute in their panic might have noticed that it was far too rhythmic in its shocks. It was like a heartbeat, or a particularly strong footstep down rickety stairs.

Or perhaps they just noticed that a huge foot had come crashing through the roof of whatever building they happened to be in. Probably a striking detail, that.

The mountains, it seemed, were out for a stroll.

The colossal beast was ambling without a care in the world. The school buildings it was walking over (and through) posed no issue for it. Clearly it was just enjoying the fine Sunday like anyone else would. The mountains it had apparently wandered down from must have looked too boring, or maybe that little wolf thing had been making too much of a racket.

Either way, it was here and it was peacefully walking directly through Smash Academy.

[Open log! You may want to react to the happenings, or help people evacuate! Maybe there's something to be done about the creature? Watch your step! Questions and plotting can be found here! ]
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8th-Aug-2015 11:55 am - Dance Club: Hips Don't Lie
Who: Shantae, Dance Club
What: Time for some more belly dancing, Dance Club.
Where: Dance Studio
When: Friday August 7
Warnings: B for BELLIES

With all the chaos going on, the people needed something fun to do. Something to take their minds off of the uncertainty and mystery. Luckily, Shantae was ready to provide.

"All right," she said, "today we're going to be revisiting belly dancing. It's been a little while since we tried this, so I want to check on everyone's form and show some new steps!" she explained eagerly. "So, anyone want to start off with a demo of what they learned last time?"
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14th-Mar-2015 02:45 pm - Pi the Way...
Who: Everyone
What: Pi Day
Where: Cafeteria
When: March 14th
Warnings: Math jokes

[Oh hey, look, it's Gordon on that video post!]

Faculty and students, a quick message just to say happy Pi Day to everyone!

In honor of the day, I've had some pies brought in from a bakery called the Sugared Sweetroll, over in the city. Should be enough for an entire waveform or two! [Ahahah... hah.] Uh, anyway, there should be something for everyone by the time lunchtime comes around. Enjoy, everyone.


[As he says, Nancy is offering slices of honest-to-miyamoto bakery pie along with lunch; everything from apple to key lime to mincemeat (for the adventurous types). Unfortunately, contracting a bakery run by an old wizard has its consequences; the pies contain potions that alter base stats: strength, fortitude, intelligence, etc. So that slice of cherry pie might suddenly make you a GENIUS, or a weakling, for a few hours. Oops.]
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When: All day February 14th
Warnings: V for VALENTINES LUST. This may get steamy.

Like a plague of Egypt, the swarm returned, as they always had, as they always would. The Cupid Bots were back. The tiny mechanical cherubs whose microchipped arrows caused often unwanted attraction towards the first person you saw, whose very presence caused such pain, misery, and wonderful tragedy to everyone they encountered. They were ever searching. Ever hunting.

They would find you.

And make you make a fool of yourself.

((As always, attraction lasts for 24 hours and will wear off on the 15th. If you didn't sign up for random or make plans in advance, feel free to jump in and do your own thing anyway! Have fun, and let the misery commence!))

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13th-Dec-2014 09:59 pm - Assassins with Oven Mitts
Who: Connor, Eirika, Gordon, Ziio
What: A nice holiday "family" dinner
Where: Gordon and Ziio's apartment
When: Sunday afternoon
Warnings: House fires, family drama, pregnancy tests, depleted uranium

It's his fault, really, Gordon forgot to check the batteries on the smoke alarm. )
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21st-Nov-2014 09:01 pm - Fictitious Forces
Who: Gordon Freeman, classgoers, random passerby
What: Food poisoning and hallucinations
When: Friday evening after the food poising outbreak
Where: Hallways and classrooms of Smash Academy
Warnings: Violence in schools.

The headache had been getting worse. Now the whole classroom is turning monstrous. )

Meanwhile in the classroom and the here and now, Gordon reels, rakes his hand over the equations on the board while he tries to keep his balance. The room throbs and bleeds around him. The groaning is loud in his ear now, and he lurches and aims his gun at the shadow-turned-shambler in his mind.


BANG! BANG! BANG! The bullets pock-mark against the concrete, puncture the door to the classroom, impart their shock and kinetic violence through the room and only miss everyone in the room through sheer luck.

So the teacher just shot up the classroom, and judging by the hazy snarl on his face it looks like he isn't finished yet.
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Who: Gordon Freeman, Pokemon Trainers, NOT-pokemon trainers, people happening by.
What: Gordon becomes a grown-ass pokemon trainer
When: Late afternoon, after class, several weeks after his network post
Where: Gordon's teaching lab, outside in tall grass, other locations
Warnings: BALLS.

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12th-Oct-2014 03:53 pm - she drives me crazy
Who: YOU
What: Autoshap
When: Same Autoshop Time
Where: Same Autoshop Place
Warnings: Same Autoshop Channel also Falcon is probably going to pull a gun at some point during this class.

ooh ooh )
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15th-Aug-2014 07:57 pm - how are you gentlemen
Who: YOU
What: Some incredibly responsible individuals set us up the bomb
When: Friday, August 15th, evening, through August 19th
Where: Wherever you want to be.
Warnings: Who knows?

main screen turn on )
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5th-Jul-2014 02:47 pm
Who: Gordon, Ziio
What: They go fishing.
Where: The rivers leading to Kraken Lake
When: Backdated to Monday, June 30th

Let's go fishing, he said. It would be a nice way to spend an afternoon, he said. )
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24th-Jun-2014 12:31 pm - Three Weeks Later, he returned.
Who: Connor and YOU.
What: Connor was taken home for a few weeks and is now back with some stories to tell to certain people, and friends to see again.
Where: He's everywhere. I mean it.
When: June 21, 2014. The summer solstice. Then the 22nd and 23rd. A little bit before hell broke loose again with the event.
Warnings: Nothing yet. Edit: Connor and Eirik being, uh, "sappy".

Through )

[OOC: Connor will be traveling everywhere to see what and if things have changed, as well as try to visit others while carrying on his meager duties again. Just say where they are, and what time of day for the 21st-23rd, and we can make the magic.]
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Who: Connor and whoever wanted to go down to explore with him and give him support because "oh me oh my, it's so scary down there"! Maybe a guest star?!?!
What: Playing detective sorta kinda about the goings on inside the bunkers.
Where: The basement/bunkers/caverns.
When: Late April.
Warnings: Lotta fightin' here.

But first, we meet up. )
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24th-Apr-2014 08:21 pm - Dorm Log
Who: All of Smash.
What: Dorm log! April-May edition.
Where: Student and Teacher dorms, and quite possibly beyond campus.
When: Approximately the latter half of April to the earlier half of May (25th - 15th)

We all know our characters experience downtime after classes and their busy schedules, and this is a good venue for those kinds of miscellaneous dorm-shenanigans to take place. Not only does it give your characters the easy chance to meet new people in a laid-back environment, but it's a good mechanism for strengthening CR. It's easy!

Feel free to begin in any way you please! Plan with (a) fellow player(s) if you'd like! Or, set up a thread and wait for characters to bite! Just add a thread with the room number (and date/time, if it matters) and the characters that reside there (just for reference!). You do not have to use one character's thread as a dual-purpose for both characters if you do not want to. Doesn't have to be a dorm room, either, if you have something else in mind. It could be the common room or the student science lab or wherever.

And keep in mind! There are shadow bugs afoot! They be crawlin' in your crannies!

Since it was well-received last time, we will continue the events. On certain days, there will be an event going on that might help if you can't think of a good scenario to kick off a thread with. In addition to the prevalence of shadow bugs, the list and dates are below.


April 28th; Apple Pie Golems: Apple Kid's 17th-dimensional ball of yarn (this is an invention from 4 years ago) gets tangled up and, regrettably, opens a portal to the Elemental Plane of Apple Cobbler. Apple pie golems come streaming in from the rift before it can be closed properly, and they are hungry for a slice of your character. It's fight or... die?! Or maybe fight and pie, depending on whether you win or not.

May 2nd; No-Pants Day: Someone must have funked up a spell in Magic Class, because now everyone's pants have become... sentient! And they're escaping! They're scrambling around without their owners, from shorts to trousers to even skirts! Skirts probably don't know how to run, so they float. Big difference. Even if you manage to nab them back, they'll just try and slip right off again. They're pretty violent. Even the pants in your drawers and closets aren't safe from this magical misdemeanor. Skivvies are strangely unaffected.

May 9th; Meteos Mayhem: Meteos blocks start to gradually descend upon the school grounds. It doesn't seem like a huge deal at first, but after a while, it gets to be a nuisance. Get it off my car! Why are there so many of them? When will they end?! If you're keen, you'll realize that if you line up blocks of like colors in a vertical or horizontal row of three or more, they'll... blast off into space? Weird, but kind of cool. And hey, it cleaned them up. Better not let them stack up too high! It's Trash Day for the whole school!

Also, if you want easy access to the dorm living arrangements, here is the link.
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