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6th-Jan-2016 02:43 pm - [open log] Kiss Kiss Punch the Moon
Who: Everybody smoochin or punchin.
What: wedding festivities and the apocolypse. Wow!
When: January 5-8th
Where: the Clocktower. The moon? The doors!!
Rating: P for Pow

They had to do it now, that's what they had said. Now, in front of everyone, here at the clocktower. The stage was set for a blast of a time, as gorgeous as it could be at the last minute. The festivities were bound to be a fantastic time, even with looming orange moon filling half the sky.

At least, it was a nice time before the nightmare of a face began to open its mouth in silent congratulations for the happy couple. (Or maybe that was a silent scream.)

It was a nice time before the masks rocketed out of their confines, smashing glass and walls and anything in their way. The door was made for them, and that was where they'd stay, nice and cozy as the apocalypse seemed to open above them.

The clock tower rang the time. As the echoes of the chimes rang out through the air, the clock above door began to move. It was counting down, and with it, the door slowly opened.

Three days.

What to do, Smash Academy?
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26th-Aug-2015 08:24 pm - Beach log!
Who: Anyone who's a cool dude (EVERYONE)
When: Last week before school
Warnings: Rising ocean levels and potential shenanigans

Nothing like one last hurrah before summer's over and you have to go back to school, right? Even if the water level's pretty high right now, it's-- what do you mean this is low tide? Really?

Well, at least there's still a sliver of sand left to chill out on, make sandcastles, have evening bonfires, and maybe you can even squeeze in a game of dead or alive beach volleyball. The sun's bright and warm and there's a refreshing sea breeze washing over the coast. Just be careful in the water and have a good time.
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4th-Jun-2015 08:47 pm - Cleaning up nicely 101
Who: Flurrie and YOU!
Where: The auditorium
When: During drama class because why not
Warnings: Makeovers

With prom rapidly approaching, Flurrie thought it was imperative that the students were ready to look their best on their big night. All of the dressing room makeup mirrors were pulled out onto the stage in the auditorium and each table had an impressive array of makeup, hairstyling products, and other implements of beauty.

"Good morning, class~! I have a special surprise for you! Today we're going to practice our prom looks so you'll all look fabulous! We're going to be doing beauty makeup and formal hairstyles for everyone today! I want you all to pair up and pick a mirror, then get beautiful!"
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2nd-Mar-2015 12:42 pm - [OPEN LOG] Egg Invasion Aftermath
Who: Everyone
What: Congratulations, you blew up Eggman's stuff! Now deal with the aftermath.
Where: FDC hospital
When: February 23 - March 7

Congratulations, Smash Academy. )

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2nd-Nov-2014 09:54 am - Paper faces on parade
Who: YOU
When: OCT. 31!!
Warnings: ARE YOU EXCITED???

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26th-Jul-2014 08:33 pm - Dorm Log
Who: All of Smash.
What: Dorm log! Summertime special.
Where: Student and Teacher dorms, and quite possibly beyond campus.
When: Approximately the latter half of July to the earliest of Augusts (25th - 15th)

We all know our characters experience downtime after classes and their busy schedules, and this is a good venue for those kinds of miscellaneous dorm-shenanigans to take place. Not only does it give your characters the easy chance to meet new people in a laid-back environment, but it's a good mechanism for strengthening CR. It's easy!

Feel free to begin in any way you please! Plan with (a) fellow player(s) if you'd like! Or, set up a thread and wait for characters to bite! Just add a thread with the room number (and date/time, if it matters) and the characters that reside there (just for reference!). You do not have to use one character's thread as a dual-purpose for both characters if you do not want to. Doesn't have to be a dorm room, either, if you have something else in mind.

And don't forget: things are getting pretty freaky! Shadow bugs are still rife around the school and city, causing all kinds of trouble, but most significantly capable of cloning people and even objects. For the remainder of July, the dimensional lines are a little blurred and causing alternate universe versions of characters to show up. But something ever curiouser has started to show up on campus... Bubbles?

Subspace bubbles? They look kinda like the ones dotting the sky... Dare ye enter?

If you do, you'll find that it... just ends up being a portal to another part of the school. Sometimes they may lead you into some part of town. Weird! Hopefully it doesn't lead you anywhere embarrassing, like in the middle of a stage play or in the bathroom of the opposite sex. That's mortifying.

And now, for your events! )

For reference, here are the rooming arrangements.
15th-Dec-2013 07:50 pm - i saw mommy kissin santa claus
Who: YOU
When: December 15th - January 1st
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts.

underneath the mistletoe last night )
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Who: Rick, Apples Kid, and then you.
What: Rick does a thing.
Where: School.
When: Friday, October 4th, 2am.
Warnings: Rick being Rick. Apples Kid being Apples Kid.

In a low and lonely corner of the science wing of the fair halls of Smash Academy sat a lowly and forgotten device. Untouched for seasons, it sat dusty, and covered with a sheet, and ignored by all.

It lay, however, within reach of the railing that wrapped around the entire school. Well, it's a good thing that the spheroid robots that roam this institution's hallways are an incurious and innocuous sort, spreading only felicity and meritorious goodwill throughout the school during their interactions with the world around them. The machine was likely to remain overlooked and untouched for years to come.


This was the most likely outcome.

But... the future didn't refuse to change...

All shall eat the hovering donuts and despair
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6th-May-2013 08:44 pm - Whose class is it anyway!?
Who: Flurrie and YOU!
What: DRAMA CLASS FINAL: the exam where the questions are made up and the grades don't matter!
Where: The auditorium
Warnings: Improv.

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13th-Feb-2013 10:05 pm - VALEMTINES
Who: YOU
When: FEB. 14

All you need is love... and candy... and cards... )

((CATCHALL VALENTINE EXCHANGE POST. Post a thread for your "mailbox" and reply to others if you want to leave them a special note!))
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14th-Dec-2012 07:56 pm
Who: YOU
When: December 14th - January 1st
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts.

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29th-Nov-2012 04:39 pm - Blind Dates: C TABLES.
What: BLIND DATES! Round 3.
Who: Anyone who was sent a note with the letter-number combination C#.
Where: Off-campus restaurant. AND BEYOND!
When: November 30th, eveningtimes.
Warnings: ???

[The third group has been given directions to a well-known fancy restaurant at the heart of the city. The dining room is not as intimate as the others, but still has a pleasant atmosphere. There's quiet music playing overhead. The menu leans towards upscale, contemporary French/American food. It seems expensive, but that's not worth worrying about. Someone else will be covering the meal, right?

It might have been smart to dress nice- but not too nice- for your date. At least that's what Gold suggested!

There's a candle at every table. Beside each candle, there is a card. On each card, there is a different letter-number combination.

Find your table!

And feel free to leave at any time, with or without your date.]
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30th-Oct-2012 12:26 pm
Who: Flurrie and YOU!
Where: The auditorium
When: Oct. 30!!
Warnings: This is gonna get messy.

Special Halloweems Drama! )
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Who: Bowser, Doopliss and YOU!
What: Look up at the title. That's what happening. With pictures.
Where: Around campus
When: October 21st
Warnings: THEY'RE JERKS.

Go under this cut! )
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Who: YOU, and you, and you.
Where: Courtyard
When: September 23rd, evening.
Warnings: S'mores. Everywhere.

Come and all, Smash. It's a beautiful afternoon that turned into evening eventually. A slight chill was there, but it was the pleasant fall chill.

Bring your potatoes, marshmallows, meats...whatever the hell you wanna roast. It's a campfire bros.

Since it was all Garry's idea, he was the first there and he brought many sweet potatoes and marshmallows as he said he would. He started raking (and he really sucks at it, he's a weakling. If you're there early, maybe you oughta help).

Once we had a huge pile, it was time to set ablaze. With Garry's lighter, running lower and lower on oil, he made sure there was a protective barrier to make sure the fire didn't spread (a ton of rocks, maybe you helped with that too) and then...tada! We have a campfire.

Eat, roast, chat. DO WHATEVER.

[Set a time(s) your dude of choice was there, and mingle, mingle, mingle! Garry will be floating around too.]
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