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What: Halloween Party!
Where: The haunted ruins What remains of the arena
When: October 31
Warnings: S for SPOOPY

The academy may have been mostly in ruins. The moon may have been falling from the sky. People may have been feeling hopeless.

But life went on nonetheless. That was the point Daisy wanted to make when she busted her butt for the few days before Halloween, gathering up whatever supplies she could to make sure that she and her friends would have at least one night to enjoy themselves. Something to take their minds off of things for at least a little while, and raise everyone's spirits.

The arena projectors actually managed to work, despite flickering a bit, and Daisy was able to program a nice haunted house scene to hold the party in.

She grabbed some snacks from in town, some mood music, and made sure that everyone would have themselves a good time.  Hopefully nothing bad would happen.

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Where: THE MALL!
When: NOW! (September 20 - 26)
Warnings: S for SHOPPING

Sometimes... Sometimes people just needed things. Basic necessities, food, clothes, video games... Of course, after the big Angry Birds attack a few days ago, it was likely people needed to replace broken things too. (How did that even happen anyway...)

Whatever the reason, the mall was the place to be.
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9th-Aug-2015 08:27 pm - Diamond City is MY city!
Who: Mona & Daisy
What: Fun! Relaxation! Video Games! Stealing Wario's car! And of course a run in with Pizza Dinosaur too.
Where: The busting town of Diamond City, located on the beautiful island of who knows in the Super Mario universe somewhere.
When: Weekend of August 8th and 9th
Warnings: Lots of bizarre shenanigans are bound to happen. Tread carefully my friends.
Music:  HURRY UP!

Diamond City. The tropical island hometown of Mona. A busy, bustling city where humans, animal people, and all manner of life forms co-existed happily with one another. A city that sometimes never slept and never for a second held a dull moment. A lively downtown proved fruitful of entertainment with everything from football games to energetic nightclubs that stayed open to the wee hours of the morning. If the busyness of the heart proved too intimidating, one could find themselves on the calmer outskirts of the town where farm fields rolled out amongst the expanding landscape.

Traveling deeper into the island gave way to forests and thick jungles hiding ancient temples awaiting to be discovered and it's treasures plundered. If none of the scenes tickled one's fancy, a leisurely day along Diamond City's beaches were an ideal scene to kick back and catch the rays. And a sunburn if not careful. For further relaxation there was always Tomorrow Hill, where one could see what the events of tomorrow would bring. A freaky anomaly caused by timezones? No one really knows.

By standing out on the docks near the lighthouse, a person could gaze out upon the vast ocean towards the intriguing lab of the Crygors mounted on a small speck of an island. And if one's eyes ventured up to the sky above, a pig-like spaceship could sometimes be seen weaving in and out of clouds. A UFO? Is real? Oh yeah, you bet. As real as the yellow Taxi flying through the air.

You might also want to watch where you step carefully while indulging in Diamond City. Little, elusive creatures known as Fronks tended to skirt around like cockroaches looking for a bit of fun to cause. Catch them if you can, rumor has it around town that Fronks make very good pets!

Despite the hustle and bustle, the variety of life and archeological finds to be had, Diamond City was known famously for it's exports in video games. Made in house at the booming company known as Wario Ware, Inc. located on a mountain, the business proves to be a top contender to video game rivals such as the likes of Diamond City Software and Nintendo.

Along with detailing her home town to friends over the course of her stay at Smash Academy, a sort of melancholy of homesickness had proceeded to ail Mona in the past weeks. All of these sights and more were the soul reason Mona felt compelled to return home for a visit before the school year started anew. Before heading back to the books, the red head wanted nothing more than to bring her new friends from the academy for one last final hurrah of summer in her hometown. Show them all her city had to offer and more.

Of course as said, there was never a dull moment in Diamond City, not even while on a small visit.
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When: All day February 14th
Warnings: V for VALENTINES LUST. This may get steamy.

Like a plague of Egypt, the swarm returned, as they always had, as they always would. The Cupid Bots were back. The tiny mechanical cherubs whose microchipped arrows caused often unwanted attraction towards the first person you saw, whose very presence caused such pain, misery, and wonderful tragedy to everyone they encountered. They were ever searching. Ever hunting.

They would find you.

And make you make a fool of yourself.

((As always, attraction lasts for 24 hours and will wear off on the 15th. If you didn't sign up for random or make plans in advance, feel free to jump in and do your own thing anyway! Have fun, and let the misery commence!))

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Who: YOU
When: December 14th - January 1st
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts.

I'm hoping that I don't get caught under the mistletoe )
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Who: Eirika and You, [Open]
When: Dec. 01 - Late Afternoon / Early Evening
What: The academy's custodian is down for the count. Eirika's gone to FDC to get him something—anything—that will help.
Where: Anywhere between the faculty quarters and into various places in FDC. YOU GET TO PICK THE PLACE. If it exists, Eirika has probably been there.
Warnings: Nope. This is CHILD-SAFE zone.

Blah blah blah—something about your mother was a fool and bull-headed. )
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Who: Daisy, Vinnie
What: Sports y/n?
Where: Greenhouse
When: Sept 16
Warnings: Attempted football

Guess we're back to school activities )
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15th-Dec-2013 07:50 pm - i saw mommy kissin santa claus
Who: YOU
When: December 15th - January 1st
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts.

underneath the mistletoe last night )
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5th-Sep-2013 08:29 pm - baby bird fly
Who: Pit and anyone.
What: Heartbroken angels mourn dead mothers.
Where: Around campus.
When: Time spanning the 27th of August to the 8th of September.

But first, cut for a narration: almost as gut-wrenching as Bambi's mom )

CONDENSED VERSION: Nabooru, his adopted mother, had perished in the midst of fighting robots on the 26th. Pit is the opposite of his bright and upbeat self and spends his time alone and too downtrodden to do much of anything, sitting on a bench or a couch or a chair or anywhere looking vacant, maybe crying, wandering aimlessly, or holed up in his room, for example. YOUR OPTIONS ARE NUMEROUS. There's... definitely something wrong, and anyone is definitely capable of crossing his path. The later on in the allotted days, the less likely he is to be teary and mournful- he might even be more resentful than sad and find solace in beating up sandbags instead.
What: Dorm log!
Where: Student and Teacher dorms, and quite possibly beyond campus. If your heart dreams it, your fingers can type it.
When: The span of February 27 - March 13
Warnings: This log is yellow-taped with all kinds of potential warnings. If your filthy imagination can conjure it, this log can produce it.

Ripped off the last one and all its friends: Basically, here's how this works. We all know our characters experience downtime after classes and their busy schedules, and this is a good venue for those kinds of miscellaneous dorm-shenanigans to take place. Not only does it give your characters the easy chance to meet new people in a laid-back environment, but it's a good mechanism for strengthening CR. It's easy!

Feel free to begin in any way you please! Plan with (a) fellow player(s) if you'd like! Or, set up a thread and wait for characters to bite! Whatever you want. It can all be yours if you make a thread. Feel like drawing graffiti on Professor Jin's door? Apologizing for the aftermath of the latest cupidbot fiasco? Doing each others' hair and talking about boys? Giving your trusted(?!?) friends a free ride in the dryer? Staying up late at night making use of those dick-shaped cake pans you found in the cupboard? Man, I don't care, just do it! Don't let this log get away untagged.

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21st-Dec-2012 06:53 pm - jingle bells, eggman smells!!!!
 WHO: Everyone, willing or otherwise
WHAT: The fantastic Amy Rose Christmas Party!!
WHERE: Daisy's place!
WHEN: December 24th
NOTES: Locations/events are broken up into separate categories. If anything crazy happens, let me know and I'll lock this entry. Other than that, idgaf, go crazy! Have fun!! Jingle all the bells!!
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14th-Dec-2012 07:56 pm
Who: YOU
When: December 14th - January 1st
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts.

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Who: Daisy, Pit, Others
What: The munchies happen late at night. Satisfy them sexily.
Where: The dorms
When: Wednesday night
Warnings: Pajamas and underpants!

It happened late one night )
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