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15th-Dec-2015 11:48 am - KISSLETOES...? It happens Every Year.
Who: Everyone.
What: Tiny poisonous berry plants gently encourage you to make out.
Where: All over the school grounds.
When: However long the world is left in One Piece.
Warnings: You know yourselves. You Know. (Please place NSFW warnings in the subject line of any tag which leads into super risqué territory THANKS GUYS!)

Hope you brought your chap-stick. )
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25th-Nov-2015 05:54 pm - Birthday Blaze
Who: Sonic, Blaze, Marine, Rouge, Knux, Wave, aaaand others.
What: Surprise! It's Blaze's birthday.
Where: Various places.
When: Nov. 15th
Warnings: Mild language, light petting, birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday, Blaze!"

Sonic produced the roses he'd "rescued" from the shattered greenhouse almost immediately upon her opening the door to her room, sporting a huge grin along with them. Maybe one or two of the blossoms were bruised, but all in all they're looking better than his bouquets of the past.
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What: Halloween Party!
Where: The haunted ruins What remains of the arena
When: October 31
Warnings: S for SPOOPY

The academy may have been mostly in ruins. The moon may have been falling from the sky. People may have been feeling hopeless.

But life went on nonetheless. That was the point Daisy wanted to make when she busted her butt for the few days before Halloween, gathering up whatever supplies she could to make sure that she and her friends would have at least one night to enjoy themselves. Something to take their minds off of things for at least a little while, and raise everyone's spirits.

The arena projectors actually managed to work, despite flickering a bit, and Daisy was able to program a nice haunted house scene to hold the party in.

She grabbed some snacks from in town, some mood music, and made sure that everyone would have themselves a good time.  Hopefully nothing bad would happen.

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14th-Oct-2015 05:27 pm - Lava Foundry, Act 1.
Who: Sonic, Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge, Marine, Rrrrrrrobotnik
What: Scouting Eggman's new digs
Where: Remember that Volcano that no one talks about? We're back there again.
When: The moon hangs low in the sky. It's daytime.
Warnings: Lava, dangerous robots, smartass commentary

"Welp, at least the lava's hardened since last time."

Sonic mused that to himself, as he kicked a fragment of pahoehoe off the cliff and looked up to the rim of the crater.

"I guess ol' Eggolodon couldn't resist the chance to build a base in a volcano."
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3rd-Oct-2015 08:09 pm - [Open] Sunday Strolls
Who: A Mountain, Campus and You.
What: Watch your heads, cause someone's not watching their steps. There's destruction afoot.
When: October 4th.
Where: All across campus.

As far as Sundays went, this one was pretty typical, despite the lingering blood moon that persisted well into the morning. If you disregarded that, you could certainly call it lovely. The air held the crisp kiss of autumn's chill, the breeze rustling the fire hued foliage of campus. Eventually the sun's golden rays chased away the moon, bringing with it the deep blue of the sky.

It was entirely possible to forget anything bizarre was happening on such a nice day. Monsters, earthquakes, pssht. Those didn't exist today.

At least not until the first rumble echoed off the edge of campus. And then the next. And the next. And the next. Each one closer, stronger, rattling everything that wasn't fixed in place. The more astute in their panic might have noticed that it was far too rhythmic in its shocks. It was like a heartbeat, or a particularly strong footstep down rickety stairs.

Or perhaps they just noticed that a huge foot had come crashing through the roof of whatever building they happened to be in. Probably a striking detail, that.

The mountains, it seemed, were out for a stroll.

The colossal beast was ambling without a care in the world. The school buildings it was walking over (and through) posed no issue for it. Clearly it was just enjoying the fine Sunday like anyone else would. The mountains it had apparently wandered down from must have looked too boring, or maybe that little wolf thing had been making too much of a racket.

Either way, it was here and it was peacefully walking directly through Smash Academy.

[Open log! You may want to react to the happenings, or help people evacuate! Maybe there's something to be done about the creature? Watch your step! Questions and plotting can be found here! ]
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Where: THE MALL!
When: NOW! (September 20 - 26)
Warnings: S for SHOPPING

Sometimes... Sometimes people just needed things. Basic necessities, food, clothes, video games... Of course, after the big Angry Birds attack a few days ago, it was likely people needed to replace broken things too. (How did that even happen anyway...)

Whatever the reason, the mall was the place to be.
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8th-Aug-2015 11:45 am - Feelin' Hot Hot Hot
Who: Blaze, Sonic, Max, and Anyone Who Wants To join In
What: Investigating the volcano for anything weird
Where: The volcano
When: August 8
Warnings: M for MAGMA

Blaze had wanted to return to her own world for the summer holiday, but it seemed that wouldn't be happening... Not with all the strange things happening in FDC. Strange earthquakes, rising water levels, monster attacks... Something was definitely up. She had a duty to investigate, to do what she could to help. The notion of checking out the volcano again made sense; seismic activity could be linked to volcanic activity, she she had been there before. She knew the way. And of course, naturally there were others who wanted to join in the search.

She waited outside the volcano, looking up at the looming peak, waiting for the others to arrive. Something did feel ominous this time, not like it felt last time at all...

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4th-Jun-2015 08:47 pm - Cleaning up nicely 101
Who: Flurrie and YOU!
Where: The auditorium
When: During drama class because why not
Warnings: Makeovers

With prom rapidly approaching, Flurrie thought it was imperative that the students were ready to look their best on their big night. All of the dressing room makeup mirrors were pulled out onto the stage in the auditorium and each table had an impressive array of makeup, hairstyling products, and other implements of beauty.

"Good morning, class~! I have a special surprise for you! Today we're going to practice our prom looks so you'll all look fabulous! We're going to be doing beauty makeup and formal hairstyles for everyone today! I want you all to pair up and pick a mirror, then get beautiful!"
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29th-May-2015 11:40 pm - Magma Mountain, Act 1.
Who: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails
What: Time to explore that volcano no one has ever noticed.
Where: ...That volcano no one has ever noticed.
When: Weekend before finals
Warnings: Lava, harmless secret agendas, terrible double-entendres, affronts to the tenants of geology

Once upon a time, Sonic had asked Knuckles for a spare fire shield. Knuckles had assumed that it was to investigate the active volcano in the mountains to the north, and Blaze would probably toast Sonic if he told anyone the REAL reason. Also, it sounded like a lot of fun, and if there was one place that fire protection trinkets tend to wind up, it's in a volcano.

So there they stand, at the base of the volcano. Sonic had given Tails and Blaze a call just before they left--he wasn't about to leave them out of the fun. Did Blaze know what he had in mind? Maybe. He hasn't said a thing about it... He squints into the sunlight and shields his eyes.

"Ready, everyone?"
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4th-Mar-2015 09:23 pm - Green Recoil, act 1
Who: Sonic, Tails, other fur-bearing characters
What: Fishing and bro talk
Where: Sonic's world, West Island
When: Friday afternoon, after Eggman's sabotage and hospitalization

C'mon, Tails. Let's get out of here for a while. )
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When: All day February 14th
Warnings: V for VALENTINES LUST. This may get steamy.

Like a plague of Egypt, the swarm returned, as they always had, as they always would. The Cupid Bots were back. The tiny mechanical cherubs whose microchipped arrows caused often unwanted attraction towards the first person you saw, whose very presence caused such pain, misery, and wonderful tragedy to everyone they encountered. They were ever searching. Ever hunting.

They would find you.

And make you make a fool of yourself.

((As always, attraction lasts for 24 hours and will wear off on the 15th. If you didn't sign up for random or make plans in advance, feel free to jump in and do your own thing anyway! Have fun, and let the misery commence!))

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Who: YOU
When: December 14th - January 1st
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts.

I'm hoping that I don't get caught under the mistletoe )
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26th-Oct-2014 11:40 pm - [Open] A Visit to a City on the Sea
Who: Blaze, Visitors
What: Blaze allows visitors to see her dimension, and her world's version of Soleanna
Where: The Sol Dimension, Capitol City of Soleanna
When: October 24-28

Take a trip with me )

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Who: Jock, Blue
What: Jock is babby
Where: Dorms
When: 3am
Warnings: Jock is babby

Jock awoke in the middle of the night, feeling strange and out-of-sorts. Why was he in this bed? What bed was this? It smelled like a good bed, but he didn't sleep in beds, not usually. He was usually just outside! Outside and sleeping on the ground! Not inside and in good-smelling beds.

The bed smelled like him, only moreso. Like, super-Jock smelling. It was hard to describe. But it smelled good, like... Jock. But more Jock than Jock.

"Mama?" he asked to the darkness.

That's when he noticed another smell -- the smell of a man he didn't recognize. Who was this strangely-smelling man? Why was he in a room with a weird-smell guy? Ugh, it smelled like old paper got married to an ink bottle. (The open copy of A Treatise on Unguents. Proclaimed Indispensable by Alchemist, Chirurgeon, and Sorcerer Alike: Containing a Distinct Classification of Uses both Benign and Malignant. Building and Expanding Upon Marius's Unguento Taxinomia, Including Dozens of the Most Recently Discovered Salves, Ointments, Embrocations, Liniments and Emollients heretofore Undiscussed by Critical or Popular Publication. Illustrated Lavishly with Engravings and Several Hand-Tinted Plates. Published with the Highest Accuracy of Information in the IVth Year of the Reign of Exalt Emmeryn in the City of Ylisstol was likely adding to this effect.)
And we're off )
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