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Who: Knuckles and Rouge.
What: Knuckles is Gyming and gets a visitor.
Where: The Gym. Where the Gyming happens.
When: Wednesday afternoon because why not.
Warnings: Possible innuendo or what have you. I mean. It's Rouge. So...

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Who: Max and Vinnie
What: Go shopping for tuxes for the prom log
Where: Jos. A. Bara Menswear
When: A week before prom but I was on hiatus so this wasn't posted until now BACKDATED
Warnings: It's me and Toni. That's probably something.

And so, gentle reader, Maximilian Justice Powers and Vincent "Vinnie" VonVinesaur found themselves at the only place in town that could rent Max a tux. It was the sort of men's store that took three measurements for a suit coat. Chest, Arm length, and Bicep breadth.

It was a store that Vinnie could shop at as well, because Max had spent the last four years in turning him into a self-aware version of himself, one which realized what he had become but knew no possible way out of the life that he currently lead, resigning himself to regular weight room visits, the drinking of vegan protein shakes, and the tracking of his PRs.

There they were. In the store. Looking at suits. Being themselves.

"So you, uh, takin' Bulba, yeah?" Max asked. So good at casual small talk.
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Who: Vinnie, Voile
What: Under the guise of contest conversation, Voile has some dastardly motives...
Where: Vinnie's Dormitory - BE-09
When: Feb. 23 — Late Afternoon
Warnings: TBD

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30th-Jan-2015 11:50 pm - Fencing with Prince Caim
Who: Caim and You
What: Murder Private one-on-one fencing tutelage not in the snow. Since it's somewhat overdue.
When: Jan. 30 - After class hours
Where: The fencing room awwright
Warnings: Uncharacteristically unlikely

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Who: Eirika and You, [Open]
When: Dec. 01 - Late Afternoon / Early Evening
What: The academy's custodian is down for the count. Eirika's gone to FDC to get him something—anything—that will help.
Where: Anywhere between the faculty quarters and into various places in FDC. YOU GET TO PICK THE PLACE. If it exists, Eirika has probably been there.
Warnings: Nope. This is CHILD-SAFE zone.

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23rd-Nov-2014 05:03 pm - Don't eat the food.
Who: Zelda, Soryk
When: Nov. 23 - Early Evening
What: Soryk's doing some careful observation and is like to come across a most unexpected surprise. Plans don't always go as... well. Planned.
Where: Zelda's Quarters - AE02b

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24th-Jul-2014 11:53 pm
Who: Connor, Ziio
Where: Connor's shared residence with Desmond
When: July 15 - Late Afternoon
What: This is a serious and mature discussion about family and additions to the family.
Warnings: Prooooobably not.

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18th-Jul-2014 09:54 pm - Cookies. Cookies.
Who: Leon, Olivia
Where: Leon's Room - BE-12 (with Yarne)
When: July 15th - Backdated
What: Olivia agreed to make Leon some cookies after she got settled in. She's making good on her agreement.
Warnings: Probably not.

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Who: Jock, Blue
What: Jock is babby
Where: Dorms
When: 3am
Warnings: Jock is babby

Jock awoke in the middle of the night, feeling strange and out-of-sorts. Why was he in this bed? What bed was this? It smelled like a good bed, but he didn't sleep in beds, not usually. He was usually just outside! Outside and sleeping on the ground! Not inside and in good-smelling beds.

The bed smelled like him, only moreso. Like, super-Jock smelling. It was hard to describe. But it smelled good, like... Jock. But more Jock than Jock.

"Mama?" he asked to the darkness.

That's when he noticed another smell -- the smell of a man he didn't recognize. Who was this strangely-smelling man? Why was he in a room with a weird-smell guy? Ugh, it smelled like old paper got married to an ink bottle. (The open copy of A Treatise on Unguents. Proclaimed Indispensable by Alchemist, Chirurgeon, and Sorcerer Alike: Containing a Distinct Classification of Uses both Benign and Malignant. Building and Expanding Upon Marius's Unguento Taxinomia, Including Dozens of the Most Recently Discovered Salves, Ointments, Embrocations, Liniments and Emollients heretofore Undiscussed by Critical or Popular Publication. Illustrated Lavishly with Engravings and Several Hand-Tinted Plates. Published with the Highest Accuracy of Information in the IVth Year of the Reign of Exalt Emmeryn in the City of Ylisstol was likely adding to this effect.)
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2nd-Mar-2014 09:18 pm - Batting for the Other Team
Who: Jolt (the Jolteon), Voile (the Gardevoir)
What: Jolt's feeling down and Voile's going to cheer him up. If she can.
Where: Starting at Jolt's dorm. Moving to an outside place for walkies.
When: Mar. 03
Warnings: N/A

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29th-Nov-2013 09:09 pm - what the
Who: Ike [[personal profile] welikeike] and Pit [[personal profile] raw_angel_power]
What: Ike is a confused newbie at Smash Academy and doesn't understand why he got somebody else's blind date card? HE DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS
Where: I'm gonna plant them in the common room for now. They can go somewhere else later if it happens.
When: 11-28-13, late afternoon

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11th-Nov-2013 08:18 pm - Academy Dreams
Who: Eirika, Open
When: Nov. 11 - Late Night
Where: Academy Grounds
What: What happens when you wake up to a horse eating your hair? You wake up to a horse eating your hair.
Warnings: Not Applicable
Note: Action or prose! Your choice!

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Who: Solid Snake Professor Pliskin and YOU
What: The Snake Survival Box Camp
When: Oct. 04 ~ Oct. 06 (Hi, we're backtag friendly here.)
Where: Deep in the forest where no one can hear you scream from cardboard cuts. Except you know, the people in the forest.
Warnings: Box eating is somewhere in here, I'm sure.

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25th-Sep-2013 05:03 pm
Who: Connor, Eirika
When: Today, sure. 09/25
What: A celebration of autumn's beginning with Apple Everything thinly veiling some hopefully deep and meaningful conversation.
Where: Town and academy grounds
Warnings: My whole goal is to make you vomit rainbows. I mean, none. Probably.

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Who: Voilcin Alcin the Altaria, Voile the Gardevoir
When: 08/22 - Why not. Later evening time about.
What: Unsure of who exactly to turn to - or if she needs to do anything turning at all, Voile goes to visit Alcin. In hopes of striking up an arrangement.
Where: Alcin and Marie's Room - BE-09
Warnings: Probably not?

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Who: Haytham, Ziio
When: August 02 / Backdated - late evening
Where: Desmond's bar
What: Birthday talk, some serious discussion, some likely witty banter on Haytham's part, and so on and so forth.
Warnings: Highly unlikely

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Who: Gordon, Eirika, Mac, all other interested students, anyone who wants to sit in.
What: The much-requested booster classes in math and science
Where: Gordon's teaching lab
When: Sometime during the summer IDK
Warnings: Improper integrals. Scandalous!

Th summer gets away from us fast. Before we know it, the grass and brushes are looking tired, their blooms faded and unenthusiastic, and the leaves lens-flare green, overblown and spent. Gordon had scheduled the brush-up classes to be around this time, so that his students would have it fresh in their memory for the next semester which was mere weeks away.

They were less structured than his normal classes. Topics came as the students asked about them. Attendance wasn't even required for all sessions; Gordon had faith that if they had something better to do that week, then they'd show up later.

(It said a lot that he actually had faith in his students now. It's a far cry from the privileged trust-fund junior engineers at MIT.)

Basically... it was less a class and more a club. They'd meet up, and chat about science. Gordon himself realized that during the very LAST session in fact, but he kept it to himself with a quiet snicker before he stepped into the room.

"Morning, class. So, what have we got this morning?"

[OOC info: the open-forum structure means any character can tag in with a topic they want to know more about, and Gordon will do his best to answer! Feel free to hijack threads all over the place, have them discuss it between each other, chat about random stuff and disrupt the class, spread rumors, flirt, WHATEVER.]
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14th-Jun-2013 10:16 am
Who: Connor, Eirika
When: 06/14 - Late Afternoon / Early Evening
Where: Somewhere between Kraken Lake and the woods.
What: Verbal altercation, tension, boundaries, et cetera. Connor's being a great guy and Eirika's a little standoffish.
Warnings: ...No? In the famous words of Nikki: 'hickies, thx connor.'

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10th-Jun-2013 09:48 pm - In this community, I spam words.
Who: Ziio, Open
When: 06/13 - Evening
Where: The Academy Library - Or in that area of.
What: By way of a fated book, Ziio arrives in Smash Academy. The lesson that we should all stop reading.
Warning: N/A

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