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Who: Knuckles and Rouge.
What: Knuckles is Gyming and gets a visitor.
Where: The Gym. Where the Gyming happens.
When: Wednesday afternoon because why not.
Warnings: Possible innuendo or what have you. I mean. It's Rouge. So...

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25th-Nov-2015 05:54 pm - Birthday Blaze
Who: Sonic, Blaze, Marine, Rouge, Knux, Wave, aaaand others.
What: Surprise! It's Blaze's birthday.
Where: Various places.
When: Nov. 15th
Warnings: Mild language, light petting, birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday, Blaze!"

Sonic produced the roses he'd "rescued" from the shattered greenhouse almost immediately upon her opening the door to her room, sporting a huge grin along with them. Maybe one or two of the blossoms were bruised, but all in all they're looking better than his bouquets of the past.
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18th-Aug-2015 10:26 pm - From the second that I was born
Who: Harpuia, Zero
What: the Hurtening part 2
Where: TD-14
When: an August weekday after time travels
Warnings: Harpuia has his username for a reason

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9th-Aug-2015 08:27 pm - Diamond City is MY city!
Who: Mona & Daisy
What: Fun! Relaxation! Video Games! Stealing Wario's car! And of course a run in with Pizza Dinosaur too.
Where: The busting town of Diamond City, located on the beautiful island of who knows in the Super Mario universe somewhere.
When: Weekend of August 8th and 9th
Warnings: Lots of bizarre shenanigans are bound to happen. Tread carefully my friends.
Music:  HURRY UP!

Diamond City. The tropical island hometown of Mona. A busy, bustling city where humans, animal people, and all manner of life forms co-existed happily with one another. A city that sometimes never slept and never for a second held a dull moment. A lively downtown proved fruitful of entertainment with everything from football games to energetic nightclubs that stayed open to the wee hours of the morning. If the busyness of the heart proved too intimidating, one could find themselves on the calmer outskirts of the town where farm fields rolled out amongst the expanding landscape.

Traveling deeper into the island gave way to forests and thick jungles hiding ancient temples awaiting to be discovered and it's treasures plundered. If none of the scenes tickled one's fancy, a leisurely day along Diamond City's beaches were an ideal scene to kick back and catch the rays. And a sunburn if not careful. For further relaxation there was always Tomorrow Hill, where one could see what the events of tomorrow would bring. A freaky anomaly caused by timezones? No one really knows.

By standing out on the docks near the lighthouse, a person could gaze out upon the vast ocean towards the intriguing lab of the Crygors mounted on a small speck of an island. And if one's eyes ventured up to the sky above, a pig-like spaceship could sometimes be seen weaving in and out of clouds. A UFO? Is real? Oh yeah, you bet. As real as the yellow Taxi flying through the air.

You might also want to watch where you step carefully while indulging in Diamond City. Little, elusive creatures known as Fronks tended to skirt around like cockroaches looking for a bit of fun to cause. Catch them if you can, rumor has it around town that Fronks make very good pets!

Despite the hustle and bustle, the variety of life and archeological finds to be had, Diamond City was known famously for it's exports in video games. Made in house at the booming company known as Wario Ware, Inc. located on a mountain, the business proves to be a top contender to video game rivals such as the likes of Diamond City Software and Nintendo.

Along with detailing her home town to friends over the course of her stay at Smash Academy, a sort of melancholy of homesickness had proceeded to ail Mona in the past weeks. All of these sights and more were the soul reason Mona felt compelled to return home for a visit before the school year started anew. Before heading back to the books, the red head wanted nothing more than to bring her new friends from the academy for one last final hurrah of summer in her hometown. Show them all her city had to offer and more.

Of course as said, there was never a dull moment in Diamond City, not even while on a small visit.
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31st-Jul-2015 11:12 am - Time and time again?
Who: Lucca, Zero
What: Zero uses deus ex machina time travel to discover his past.
Where: The world of 20XX
When: 20XX, around lunchtime.
Warnings: Confusing timelines, drama, temporal rectal pulls, steampunk.

Zero had approached Lucca at the end of prom, and spoke to her. Can she really travel through time? Can she see the future? Change the past? Prevent terrible things from happening to the world, if she could?

Which... of course she would. She's helped to do just that, after all.

Changing the past to alter the future was a dangerous thing... The butterfly effect was a principle that had razor-sharp wings when it came to time travel. According to Gaspar, the overall effect must be beneficial to the time-stream to keep the result from turning into a disaster. But... there was nothing wrong with traveling to the past to look.

Zero had lost his memory, and was suspicious that a terrible war had been his fault. This is the kind of thing that would drive Lucca crazy, herself: not KNOWING. She couldn't possibly not help him.

So, a few weeks later, they agreed to go together to Rock's world and Zero's time to find out. The "where" was first, and Lucca stepped out in the middle of a shiny, futuristic-looking city park from Zero's past that held no clue as to the torment it would endure hundreds of years later. Was that a robotic bird in the trees?

"According to the GPS, this is about a mile away from where it happened..." Lucca tells him, not directly looking at the reploid because she's distracted by the bird.
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27th-Jul-2015 09:23 pm - AREA: UNDERGROUND BUNKERS
Who: Fefnir, Harpuia, Jon, Rock, and Zero
What: More investigating
Where: Underground bunkers
When: July 27th?
Warnings: Nothing could possibly go wrong down here

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25th-Jul-2015 03:14 pm
Who: Sonny and Cyrus!
What: Taco Tuesday backdated to Friday! ...maybe they should have fajitas...?
Where: FDCs premier Taco Restaurant, Taco Libre!
When: Friday!
Warnings: It's Cyrus and Sonny so there's probably not going to be anything!

 photo TacoLibre-GTAV.png

So, this was... a thing.

Most people were aware of Sunshine Mortimer's penchant for being friendly to people who perhaps didn't deserve it. He'd tried to befriend Blood Falcon much to everyone's chagrin. When the topic of his employment came up the response 'Wait!? You work for BOWSER!?' was a thing that often happened. (Though, to be entirely fair he literally thought Bowser was the nicest guy you could ever meet. Frankly, he ought to be an inspiration to all who knew him.) And this would probably be no different. 'Wait!? You took CYRUS out for tacos!?'

Yes, world. Sonny was taking Cyrus out for Tacos. Deal. With. It.

His theory was this: Befriend a bad guy, turn him good, or just be there to help stop him if things get out of hand. Flawless logic.

They had arranged a time and place and Sonny was early, eager to get his taco on. Now all that remained was to wait for his new Pal!
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17th-Jul-2015 08:52 pm
Who: Zero, Harpuia
What: come to robot rumpus room in next 5 minutes if u want an ass kicking
Where: Harpuia's dorm
When: July 17, late evening

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Who: Sonny and Mesprit
What: Chilling by the larger lake!
Where: By the lake!
When: July 11 (Backdating to a little bit before Lake Explorations.)
Warnings: Probably not!

Sonny Moe loved hanging out by the lake. Even with its bits of Egg Carrier strewn around and the fact that it was rising, it was still one of his favorite places. He loved playing with the Chao and napping in the sunshine and playing his Ukulele to the gentle slapping of water on the shore.

Today, he was practicing a new song he'd been learning. Every so often, though, he was sure he could see something move out of the corner of his eye! It was blue, but it was no Chao he'd ever seen before!

Well. Maybe if he kept playing, it would get curious and come over to say Hello?

He could only hope!

"Fly me too the moon, and let me play among the stars..."

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Who: Zero, Knuckles, Char, Riwane, Jolt, Connor (possibly Melia? Chiyo?? If I've missed someone, let me know!)
What: LAKE EXPLORATION. Why's the water rising? What's down there?!
Where: The lake, of course
When: Late afternoon, July 9
Warnings: Mysterious watery bullshit, probably

It had taken a little looking to get his hands on some Devon Co. scuba gear, but Char, being Char, had of course come through in the end. Char was much more familiar with Silph Co.'s stuff, but he had to admit, this would work nicely enough: a pair of goggles and a small, portable breathing apparatus, not bad. He couldn't say that he felt all that much more at easy about this idea, though -- Charizards, water, still not great friends.

Even so, he arrived at the lake, a messenger bag full of the scuba gear he'd promised hanging off one shoulder. Jolt and Riwane should have been arriving any second now, and considering how much attention the rising water levels had gotten, they probably wouldn't be the only ones.
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Who: Shantae and Sonny Moe!
What: Kanto Adventures!
Where: Kanto! You know! The place where everyone wants to be the very best like no-one ever was!
When: Mid June
Warnings: Pokémon Battle Shenanigans
Music: You know which music you need to listen to.

 photo 1_1.gif

The train ride from FDC was always pretty pleasant. The scenery was nice and it was a fairly long ride which allowed time for both gazing out the window at things flying by and also napping. Sonny, of course, insisted it was his treat whenever the snack trolley rolled past. The snack lady on the train had never made so much in one shift before...

...anyway. Kanto in Summertime is a wonderful place. The sun is shining, the Pidgey are Shin--er, singing, the Rattata are looking at their masses of squabbling children and regretting each and every life choice that led them to this moment. Today, they are joined by a portly, young, blue haired gentleman and his beautiful purple haired companion who just so happens to be a Genie.

"So! This is Pallet!" he said, turning to her and grinning. "I know it doesn't look like much, but it's a great place!"
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Who: Max and Vinnie
What: Go shopping for tuxes for the prom log
Where: Jos. A. Bara Menswear
When: A week before prom but I was on hiatus so this wasn't posted until now BACKDATED
Warnings: It's me and Toni. That's probably something.

And so, gentle reader, Maximilian Justice Powers and Vincent "Vinnie" VonVinesaur found themselves at the only place in town that could rent Max a tux. It was the sort of men's store that took three measurements for a suit coat. Chest, Arm length, and Bicep breadth.

It was a store that Vinnie could shop at as well, because Max had spent the last four years in turning him into a self-aware version of himself, one which realized what he had become but knew no possible way out of the life that he currently lead, resigning himself to regular weight room visits, the drinking of vegan protein shakes, and the tracking of his PRs.

There they were. In the store. Looking at suits. Being themselves.

"So you, uh, takin' Bulba, yeah?" Max asked. So good at casual small talk.
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Who: Knuckles and Wave
What: Exploring a goddamn Island in the Sky.
Where: On an Island in the Sky.
When: Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!!!!
Warnings: Possibly some fighting of Monsters.

 photo Floating.jpg

Knuckles sat on top of Smash Academy's clock tower, staring up at the Island.

He'd been here long enough now that hearing stories about the Other Him who had been here was less jarring. But he still had no REAL idea why he was here. He'd been able to go back to his own world with Sonic and Tails and Blaze, but was still unable to enter the portal when by himself. Now Wave was here after activating an inscription at the Gigan Rocks and he had to wonder whether she could return using the portal on her own, or if she'd need company too.

There was a bigger picture here that he wasn't seeing and it was driving him crazy! While he was a world class treasure hunter and an expert at dealing with artifacts and inscriptions - even powerful ones - why the Master Emerald ported him here or the Gigan Ruins sent Wave here was just as mysterious to him as Sonic and Tails being able to come and go as they please.

....and while he actually kinda liked it here? Making a jerk of himself on Valentines, looking like a weakling in the weightlifting contest, being beaten in two spars and spending a week one splash away from becoming a tiny pig tended to weigh on a guy's mind.

So, here he sat, staring moodily at the stupid floating Island that wasn't HIS floating Island and wondering if he shouldn't be up there right now searching it more thoroughly.
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3rd-Mar-2015 09:04 pm
Who: Char, Voile
What: A post one-night-stand encounter.
Where: Outside the library
When: March 3/14, afternoon
Warnings: uhhh probably some talk about hanky-panky??

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Who: Vinnie, Voile
What: Under the guise of contest conversation, Voile has some dastardly motives...
Where: Vinnie's Dormitory - BE-09
When: Feb. 23 — Late Afternoon
Warnings: TBD

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25th-Jan-2015 09:58 am - Black Shadow cordially invites you...
Who: Black Shadow and Vivian
What: Unique job offers
Where: Black Shadow's Office
When: Sometime 01/25

In the mid-morning hours, Black Shadow slips a letter under the door of a certain turret. The letter reads as follows:

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25th-Dec-2014 12:59 pm - PARTY PARTY PARTY
Who: Vianca and Yarne
What: Existing.
Where: In a space.
When: At a time.
Warnings: There is no escape.

So there was that one time that Vianca was in the library. (Let's be real that's all the time but this time is about a specific time.)

On this day, like many other days, she was shelving books.

How thrilling.

How exciting.

What a good log this will be.
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Who: Connor and Eirika
What: Connor eats some very poisoned and bad food, and things get interesting.
Where: Connor's dorm, because there is conveniently a kitchen.
When: November 20th, evening.
Warnings: Drama.

Connor was somewhat tired tonight, oddly enough.

Cleaning up after the students and staff was the job he was given and did it because he had to, but today was just particularly rough and trying on his patience.

Trash everywhere, coffee spills, all the like, it just seemed like today messes were far more rampant.

He was tired, and hungry. He was very prepared to get changed and head out to get some meat inside of his stomach before retiring to other things. Hopefully, sleeping.

What he didn't expect when he approached his door was the smell of...something. It sure smelled like something. Something that made his alarms go off in his head. The only people with spare keys readily were his mother, and Eirika. His mother didn't come to see him often, he usually visited her place. That was daily too. Last he knew, his mother didn't take to modern kitchens. With Desmond gone, the kitchen and appliances had no use to him. Except for the espresso machine, he grew to appreciate that.

He opened the door, finding only one logical solution.
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23rd-Nov-2014 05:03 pm - Don't eat the food.
Who: Zelda, Soryk
When: Nov. 23 - Early Evening
What: Soryk's doing some careful observation and is like to come across a most unexpected surprise. Plans don't always go as... well. Planned.
Where: Zelda's Quarters - AE02b

But it's probably too late. )
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5th-Nov-2014 11:09 am - Chit-chat and calories - Bonding!
Who: Sonny and Kiyotaka
What: Conversations and ice cream
Where: School, then a venue switch to Sprinkletown.
When: Some time after Halloween!
Warnings: Sonny eating entirely too many banana splits...?

Sonny was in love with Fall. The colors, the seasonal foods, pumpkin everything, the chill in the wind and the gentle warmth of Autumn sunshine. He used to think Spring was his favorite season, but he was not an immovable creature unless you happen to be a ten year old without a Pokéflute. Autumn was steadily gaining in his estimation.

It was a little after classes and he was crossing school grounds with a book and his Ukulele. Originally, he was headed towards the lake to do a little reading for class, get a little music practice in and enjoy the sunset filtering through the orange and auburn tree line. Then he was going to go to the cafeteria and wreck a huge tray of food.

As he walked, though, he spotted a familiar figure approaching. He was already smiling, but his face split into a grin and he waved at his friend, changing direction to meet him.

"Hey! Kiyotaka! Good afternoon! ...huh? Is that a sword?"

DEFINITELY a new accessory for this version of his friend. Though, future Kiyotaka had been handy with one.

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