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[Open Log] I came in like a shooting star

Who: Rosalina and Anyone
What: The Lady of the Shooting Stars is here to find out what's what.
Where: Out and about
When: December 18

Rosalina stood on top of a hill, fingers tapping on her wand as Lumas hovered around her, staring at the sight before them with a mixture of fear and awe. The moon hung dangerously low in the sky. And Rosalina could tell it was getting closer. She was nervous, but she could not show that, not to the Lumas who looked to her for strength. If only she knew what to tell them.

She had never seen something like this before. A force that could draw her, her home, and her children to this place, to face a danger such as this, was something to fear. She had faced dangers far more disastrous than this, and in the face of that fact, whatever disaster this foretold could not compare. She was nervous for the immediate future, yes, but her hope did not diminish.

"We haven't much time to lose," Rosalina informed the star children. "We must find out all we can about this calamity, and do what we can to stop it."

"I'm scared, Mama," a red Luma squeaked, shivering.

Rosalina gave the Luma a smile, reaching out to take it into her arms and give it a hug. "Everything will be fine, my child," she told it. "The stars will watch over us, even now. I will protect you. But I need you to be brave for me. Can you do that?" The Luma sniffed, but nodded quickly in affirmation. Rosalind's resolve did not waver. She didn't lie about things like this. She spoke only the truth to her children as she said, "Take care, all of you. And hurry."

As the Lumas floated away on their tasks, one remained behind. A black Luma floated next to Rosalina. "My lady, are you sure about this?" Polari asked her. "We would be safe in the Observatory..."

Rosalina shook her head. "This planet is in danger... It is where we should be, old friend. We will find a way to save it."

The Lumas took off into the Academy and nearby city, hoping to find something, anything, they could bring back to their Mama to help her. Would you find one of them? Or would you run into Rosalina herself on her own walkabout?

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