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whirlwind_wolfman ([personal profile] whirlwind_wolfman) wrote in [community profile] smash_logs2015-12-01 07:38 pm

In the jungle, the urban jungle...

Who: Jon and Shantae
What: The big bad wolf has come down from the mountains
Where: City outskirts
When: Tuesday Night because why not
Warnings: Fighting, violence, destruction of personal property.

The moon took up literally half the sky by now. At least, that's how it seemed to Jon.

His body had never been transformed for so long in one stretch and the strain was more than he could bear. He'd managed to hold it together as well as could be expected for days. Weeks, even. But now that it had dragged on to months, he spent his existence slowly slipping further and further into being a wolf, the man he'd once been dissipating out of his clawed grasp more by the second.

He'd been left care packages to provide for food, but the thrill of the hunt was what he wanted. The mountains and even the woods were so bare of life in these days directly prior to all out lunar apocalypse that he couldn't find so much as a rabbit to chase down. Not where he was. As his mind wandered further and further away from him and he lost himself to the moon's whims, he made his way towards the lights of the city.

Lights meant life. Life meant things to run from him and fight with him and give him something to do.

He was silent in his movements. His Kung Fu hadn't left him entirely. His muscles remembered even if his mind was faltering. He could make himself almost invisible to both eye and ear in this moon washed world, sticking to the shadows and stalking his prey with an almost religious devotion. Strings of saliva dangled from between fish hook fangs as he readied himself to strike...

Had he been more present as Jon Talbain, Martial Arts Instructor at Smash Academy and less absorbed by the Moon, he never would have thought to attack this person. At least, not without a clear expectation set out beforehand that she was to fight back. She was one of his better pupils. He'd been pleased with her performance in his class, especially for having joined it later in the school year. She'd even done the required reading! Some of those who had been with the class from day one couldn't claim that accomplishment. He'd been proud of her.

This evening, though, all he saw was prey.

He growled deep in his throat, assuming that would be the last thing she ever heard as he lunged forward...

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