babylonmechanic: (Concentrating)
Wave the Swallow ([personal profile] babylonmechanic) wrote in [community profile] smash_logs2015-11-30 02:40 pm

Dying with No Regrets

Who: Knuckles, Wave
What: Wave has a few things she wants to get off her chest.
Where: The gym
When: November 30
Warnings: U for UST

Even with the moon ready to drop from the heavens, Wave and Knuckles still met for her training sessions. Bright and early, as if nothing was wrong. Except Wave didn't feel that way. No masks, no hope of entering the door she found, the moon about to crush them... They were all as good as dead. There was no point in continuing.

And yet she kept right on doing it. It was a point of consistency for her. Maybe that was enough to at least stop her from thinking too hard about the end and just giving in.

She changed into a pair of white shorts and a sports bra, ready for the day's training. At least Knuckles wasn't the worst company to keep in a time like this... He had a positive attitude that she admittedly enjoyed. And he was far more patient with her than she thought he was capable of. It was kinda nice.

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