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monotreme_101 ([personal profile] monotreme_101) wrote in [community profile] smash_logs2015-11-25 11:04 am

Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle. I'd rather flex my muscles.

Who: Knuckles and Rouge.
What: Knuckles is Gyming and gets a visitor.
Where: The Gym. Where the Gyming happens.
When: Wednesday afternoon because why not.
Warnings: Possible innuendo or what have you. I mean. It's Rouge. So...

He hadn't had any luck finding the masks.

He felt like he'd scoured every inch of the forest, every inch of the rubble that had once been half of the school, and every inch of everywhere else he could look that wasn't denied access. (He wasn't about to start going through people's dorms, for example.)

He'd even tried that weird bush-headed guy's toilet recommendation! Let me tell you, it's no fun sitting in every available stall talking loudly to yourself about how there's no toilet paper.

So, he was frustrated. World's greatest treasure hunter stumped by three masks and a giant, incoming moon.

Today, he was taking that frustration out on the punching bag, letting that thing Have It, firing on all cylinders, working through his aggression in the most mature way possible - beating the everloving snot out of something that didn't fight back.

Not the most welcoming of images. I get that. But he's still open to interruptions!

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