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Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle. I'd rather flex my muscles.

Who: Knuckles and Rouge.
What: Knuckles is Gyming and gets a visitor.
Where: The Gym. Where the Gyming happens.
When: Wednesday afternoon because why not.
Warnings: Possible innuendo or what have you. I mean. It's Rouge. So...

He hadn't had any luck finding the masks.

He felt like he'd scoured every inch of the forest, every inch of the rubble that had once been half of the school, and every inch of everywhere else he could look that wasn't denied access. (He wasn't about to start going through people's dorms, for example.)

He'd even tried that weird bush-headed guy's toilet recommendation! Let me tell you, it's no fun sitting in every available stall talking loudly to yourself about how there's no toilet paper.

So, he was frustrated. World's greatest treasure hunter stumped by three masks and a giant, incoming moon.

Today, he was taking that frustration out on the punching bag, letting that thing Have It, firing on all cylinders, working through his aggression in the most mature way possible - beating the everloving snot out of something that didn't fight back.

Not the most welcoming of images. I get that. But he's still open to interruptions!
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Greatest treasure hunter? OHHOHO THAT'S A GOOD ONE

Rouge had managed to track him down. She wasn't surprised he'd be at a gym of all places. She was very familiar with his ability to punch things. He wasn't bad at it.

She quietly entered the room and sat gracefully on the edge of the bench of one of the machines, crossing her legs and wrapping her hands around her knee.

"My my my, such aggression! What's the matter, handsome? Sonic diss your intelligence again?"
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Good job, doing the manners!

"Why, thank you~" Rouge purred, taking the water from him and setting it down beside her. She shifted her tone to a more serious one. "It's not your fault if you can't find them. Whoever took them must be pretty clever, and what with all of us coming from different worlds or dimensions, they could have hidden it anywhere."

She stopped and glanced at the sandbag. It looked tempting. She stood up and walked over to it, stroking her chin as she pondered it for a second. Bracing her footing, she swung a foot straight in its middle, sending it flying and bouncing off the walls.

"You're only one echidna," she said as she turned back to him while brushing her boot off. " ...I could help you find them. If you want." She shrugged, trying to keep an air of indifference.
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Well, to his credit, Knux had beaten it up pretty well already, but her kicks were very good, yes.

"You just haven't had ME helping you out yet. I'm pretty good at tracking things down, as I'm sure you know," Rouge said with confidence.

She strutted up to him, shrugging her shoulders. "Oh, the usual. Listening in on people's cell phone conversations. Gazing longingly at precious gems." She paused and considered telling him about her recent life changes. Yes, this would paint her in a good light, she was sure.

"Though I've gone straight, I'll have you know. No more stealing things. I've thrown in the towel when it comes to thievery. This bat is earning an honest living now." She smirked, side-glancing at him as she awaited his reaction.
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It worked! Well, of course it did. She was a master of manipulation and he was dense as a brick, she figured. She almost felt bad for playing with him this way. Sort of. She walked closer still, making sure to swivel her hips as much as possible.

"Not at all. I came to see you, actually. I thought, being old friends now, we should do some catching up, don't you think?" It was a stretch, claiming they were so friendly with each other, but she wanted to push the envelope.

"What about you? What drew you to this school of all places?"
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"The Master Emerald sent you, eh? Interesting. I didn't know it was that... sentient." That gem. It never failed to surprise her. She might actually have given up her vow of no-stealy for that sucker. Alas, this sexy chump echidna was on it like white on rice. Too bad.

Rouge slid her arm through his and hugged it with pointed sympathy. Envelope, thou hath been shoved.

"Pauvre fille," she pouted. "You must be heartbroken. Or worried sick. How mature of you to keep an optimistic view on the situation. Now that the school is demolished, what do you plan to do until you can get back?"
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thanks! glad I could finally use it :D

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What an interesting color! Ohoho!

"I can tell your efforts have paid off. You carry yourself differently. Less of a scowl, more willing to let people in."

Rouge didn't let go of his arm. She just kept talking. She was enjoying making him blush, but she didn't want him to overheat and die or something exaggerated like that.

She whispered in his ear ("ear"). "I like it."
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Rouge burst out into giggles. She couldn't hold back her amusement anymore. Her act had been more successful than she'd anticipated, and it tickled her pink. She still had her edge!

"PFffffahahaha!! Oh, sweetheart. You're too precious." She turned away from him and stretched her arms. "In some ways, you haven't changed a bit. Even with the world's end looming, there are still some things that never change." You're still so easy to manipulate. But here, have a lack of explanation for you to possibly brood over.
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Rouge you're such a bitch

Rouge noticed his shift in mood. Oops, maybe that wasn't the best notion to bring up. This is one of those things that happen when you play with people's feelings: they get hurt. She was still getting used to her newfound awareness and wasn't pleased with all the guilt it caused. Damn it.

"Sure. It beats bottled water and the smell of man-sweat." She shrugged and motioned to the gym walls. There. Picking up and heading into Niceville made her feel better for the time being.
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Rouge returned the smirk. She was grateful he hadn't taken her jabs to heart.

"No. I honestly don't really care about coffee. I was just going along with it so I could get away from the smell!" She chuckled. She was planning on just getting a hot chocolate to combat the cold weather, but since he brought it up, she figured she'd might as well be honest about it.
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"Interesting. I didn't know you were an echidna of such good taste!" Rouge raised her eyebrows, quite impressed, while she walked out the door.

She shrugged at his comment. "It's... obnoxious. A little too 'ripe' for my liking. But then again, I have nothing against the scent of a man worked into a sexy sweat." She, yet again, grinned seductively at him. This is essentially Rouge's default expression, but it's cranked up to 11 in Knuckles' case.
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It was a chilly night, and she shivered as the cold air engulfed her skin. Yeah, wearing what she wears in late Autumn isn't always fun.

"Mmmn. You wanna get there quicker?" she asked, ignoring whatever dribble he was saying about food or... something as equally uninteresting. She hopped onto the wall of the building, latching onto it and glancing at him over her shoulder.

"Come on, big red. You can glide, can't you? What do you see we skip the scenic route and play acrobat for a while?"
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Well, that revved him up quite well, didn't it?

"I was just going to allow you to escort me on a romantic romp around the rooftops, but if you think you can beat me going ANYWHERE, you've got another thing coming!"

Rouge booped him on the nose.

"First to the nearest coffee shop wins. Ready? 3... 2..." And boom, she was skittering up the wall like a frickin' spider monkey. She didn't even wait until she finished saying the word "two." Give Rouge an advantage and she'll use it.
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Unfortunately for Rouge, while she did have the advantage of being able to fly, Knuckles was a faster glider than she was. She'll have to use her nimble bat reflexes to beat him there!

"I'll see you... Hup!..." She ran and jumped a building, gliding over to an adjacent rooftop. "...when I... hup!..." jumping to another roof... "win and introduce... hah!..." a glide to another, " to... *pant pant* yah!..." jump, gliiiiiide, "new levels of humiliation!"

With her crafty maneuvers and tactical use of wind currents, she'd managed to gain a lead on him.