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Shantae ([personal profile] magicdancer) wrote in [community profile] smash_logs2015-11-16 09:14 pm

Sweet Desert Rose, Each Of Her Veils A Secret Promise

Who: Shantae and Char
What: Hunting for MASK THIEVES
Where: Around the academy
When: November 16
Warnings: D for DARGONS

They were all running out of time. The last mask had been discovered, but the other three had gone missing, stolen from Gordon's lab during the halloween party. So now they had to recover the missing masks before disaster struck. Shantae had enough of sitting on the sidelines. She had to do something.

She set out into the woods around the academy. Perhaps some monster had snuck into the academy... After all, nobody there had anything to gain from taking the masks, not when they were the key to their salvation. But a rogue monster, that perhaps wanted to ensure their destruction... Well, they had all the reason needed to steal the masks, didn't they? Shantae had no idea. But it was better than doing nothing.

It was rare that she bothered to set out alone into the woods, and they looked far more intimidating up close, she quickly realized. She had to be on her guard. Who knows what might jump out at her...?

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