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Cyrus summons a lovely family reunion

Who: Cyrus, Mesprit, and... her siblings!? Gasp!
What: Cyrus has Mesprit call to her brothers so he can snatch them up and do that Red Chain thing again.
Where: Cyrus' evil lair of good intentions laboratory with his extraction machine
When: Oct. 22nd
Warnings: C for Cyrus trying to cleanse the universe of shit by draining power from pokémon of feelings and mind and stuff. Bad things are bound to happen.

With the moon's impact on the planet looming, Mesprit had been quite anxious. She was afraid for the world and hadn't been this scared since... well, she couldn't remember, but she knew something bad had happened before. She missed her siblings, her family,... she wasn't sure what to do to make things better. But she'd had a volley of exchanges with Mister Man/Cyrus that hinted at resolution, so she did as he had asked: while she couldn't send out direct distress calls to her brothers, she could send a low-lying S.O.S. to other Psychic types and hope they reached them both. If Arceus heard it and came, too, naturally it would have been a nice surprise, but she knew it would be highly unlikely.

She sat on a mound of what used to be bricks forming her dorm room. With her best efforts, she lowered her head almost prayer-like, voicelessly emitting a slow, urgent feeling of fear and concern for one's siblings--a feeling only one of blood relation or high sensitivity to emotion would sense. Along with her feelings, she attempted to transmit an image of her broken school as an indication of what the problem was and where she could be found.

The effort had left her drained and unable to "listen" for any responses. (Whether she'd be able to receive any at this point in time would be debatable, what with the weird inability to leave the area, anyway.) Fatigued and in need of rest and protection, she flew to the building where Cyrus had arranged for her to meet him. She weakly knocked on his door with her tail.

"Mister Man... I called Uxie and Azelf for help! Are you home? Can you let me in?"
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With the threat of the giant, Cyrus had been forced to move his operations underground, literally. At the small voice, he opened the door, revealing what had once been one of the school's seemingly endless supply of labs. It was much smaller than the Galactic lab, and smaller even than the second bedroom in his dorm that he had repurposed into one.

"Mesprit. Your arrival signals a new age for this world, a beacon of hope in the darkness..."

With a gesture, he invited her in and closed the door behind her.
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"Of course..." His tone was much softer than usual too. "Please, have a drink. It's important to stay strong right now." What he offered was a bottle of a dark, strong-smelling, thick substance that seemed to be made of vegetables and...it was impossible to tell further.
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"It contains a complete regimen of nutrients and meets the body's needs for a day." After a moment of realizing that she probably wouldn't know what this meant, he added "so yes, it is."

He picked up an identical bottle and unstoppered it, taking a long drink. If all went as planned, this would be a long day.
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"It doesn't matter. So long as you are strong, we will be able to proceed."
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How the being had taken to calling him that he would likely never know. Especially since his estimate for the life expectancy of the universe was on the short side of a week, hopefully in the next few hours.

"A project, something that will save us from the calamity that threatens us."
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"We will all benefit from this." Initially, he had planned to kill thelake spirits, but now...well, they'd still die, of course, but an idea he'd had regarding Voile applied in his head. They would live again in his new world, rid of those controls.


"In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on those matters."
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Though he denied the very existence of his emotions, Cyrus smiled at that. "You'll help me set things right."

Such simple statements were rare for him, and rarer still how soft it came out.

"Do you know when they will arrive?"
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"They will." He paused. "Do you recall when you gave emotion to living things?"
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Azelf arrived at the ruins of the school out of breath. He had been flying at full speed ever since he sensed his sister's distress call. He was grateful she was in a location he was familiar with. However, Mesprit was in trouble and he had to keep his guard up. Whatever was ailing her, he'd protect her from it. He was determined to protect her from it. He was the sprite of willpower--it came naturally to him.

While he had made it to the school, he wasn't sure where she was exactly. Even though his previous attempts had yielded no response, he hoped a psychic call to her now that he was closer would be more successful.

"Mesprit! It's me, Azelf! Where are you? Are you okay?"
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Cyrus had been about to respond to Mesprit's statement by asking when that had been, but stopped mid syllable.

Something was near, and it didn't take Mesprit's call to know it.

"Fortunate. They were able to come after all. Now, Mesprit, I must ask that you properly prepare for this guest."
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"::I can 'hear' you, dear sister! I'm on my way. Stay safe until I get there!::" Azelf told her silently as he flew over rubble and remnants of the once bustling school.

Upon arriving at the door, he readied himself for a fight, just in case whatever was causing her distress was still a threat. With his usual brand of urgency, he headbutted the door open with heroic vigor.

"Mesprit, are you hurt? Why were you--?" He stopped mid-sentence upon laying eyes on Cyrus. "YOU!!" he yelled angrily. "What are you doing here?! What have you done to Mesprit?!"
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"Yes," Cyrus muttered, turning towards the newcomer. His voice was clearer, his gaze bold and direct when he spoke next. "I will set all things right. That has always been my dream. I will save this world from all harm."
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Azelf flew in front of Mesprit protectively.

"I know what kind of 'saving' you want to do, you bastard, and I won't let you lay your hands on Mesprit OR Uxie!!"

He wasted no time charging up a Psyshock attack...
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Weavile had appeared, ready to tank any psychic attacks the fairies could throw at its master. It stood at the ready, preparing to strike if need be.

"You know and yet you resist, violently so..." Cyrus chuckled humorlessly. "Such is the world. It knows what must be done and ignores that duty. You see what terrors face the world and refuse to lift a finger--" though he wasn't sure if they even had fingers; it was hard to tell on such tiny hands "to protect it. You have forced my hand..."

And would you look at that. Azelf had somehow manged to position itself right in front of the open machine... It would sure be a shame if something were to knock it in...
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Unaware of his positioning, Azelf continued to argue with his arch enemy.

"Are you accusing me of allowing bad things to happen?! I'm not in charge of protecting the world! That's insane! I brought willpower to humans so they could take care of themselves for that very reason!" To diss willpower was to diss everything Azelf stood for. He was NOT pleased.
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"And you consider that a blessing...how ignorant. How wasteful..."

This was only proving Cyrus's point. The sheer arrogance, the pure foolishness...

He nodded towards Weavile to strike.

"I expect you to consider the consequences of your actions. But that's asking too much."
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Azelf, familiar with Weavile's typing, readied a Thunderbolt but halted at the last second, realizing what was in front of him. That Light Screen would make his attack null and a waste of energy, but to be honest, he was also caught off guard at its appearance, too.

"Wha...?! Ugh, Mesprit, what are you doing? Don't you see what's happening? He's not trying to save the world, he's trying to DESTROY IT!" In his anger, he hadn't accounted for the opening he'd given the Weavile to launch an attack.
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"That is how you see it...how limited! What I am for is a new beginning, not merely an ending..." The force in Cyrus's voice was irregular, which made it all the more terrifying. "I will save this world by starting it anew, bringing about a perfect creation!"

Weavile had slowed a bit at the sight of the Light Screen, but once it registered what the sudden arrival was, it lept forward again, aiming not even with an attack but with simple physical force.
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(Are we finishing this? I'm confused)
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(I suppose we can end it here. But could you let me know next time?)