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Ronnae 'Mash Belore Ryllos ([personal profile] shiest_sunbeam) wrote in [community profile] smash_logs2015-10-19 06:18 am

"Dance your worries away shy girl, you'll forget the world." [Open]

Who: Ronnae and anyone who just happens to venture into the dance studio.
What: Frustrations lead to wanting to relieve stress... Through dancing!
Where: Damaged dance studio in the academy
When: Post colossus campy stroll. Oct 18 Nighttime.
Warnings: None that I can think of. Promiscous amounts of belly-dancing.

Ronnae was incredibly frustrated after the last event. What with the massive colossus having its way with the campu and her feeling powerless to stop it left her with a bad taste in her mouth. She had fought creatures just as large or larger and definitely more dangerous, but she had always been part of a larger group of fighters, all who gave it their all to take down whatever threat was plaguing Azeroth at any time. But this time she didn't have that and the colossus destroyed a good chunk of the school. Not really the best feeling when you think you can help and end up not being able to in its entirety.

Whatever the case she needed to clear her head and without the ability to venture outside the area too far, she opted for the now ruins of the school. Here, she was surprised to find the dance studio mostly intact and felt herself regretting not having joined even once even knowing that she had such a passion for dancing. Her timidness regularly got in the way and now she wouldn't have a chance to rectify that. Pacing around the debris and taking to the dusty dance floor, she noticed that the music box was still working. Looking around a bit worried, she wondered if there'd be anyone up at this time of night, let alone venturing through the school ruins at this time...

Maybe she'd have a chance at relieving some of that stress... After looking outside and closing the door (And failing to lock it since it's broken) Ronnae went back to the music box and loaded up a set of songs of the like and went to the dance floor. There she let her inhibitions drop and danced with a fiery passion for the music that you definitely would not have expected from the timid teacher. Unudulating, swaying and shaking of said hips in a modern belly dance had her ignoreing her surroundings while she danced her worries away.

Also that prevented from noticing if anyone happened to venture in...

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